Swiss filmmaker Renata Keller premieres her Gerda Lerner documentary in Kochi

The film revolves around the inspirational life of this pioneering social reformer and feminist historian

Anoop Menon Published :  05th April 2019 02:00 AM   |   Published :   |  05th April 2019 02:00 AM
Renata_Keller in the documentary

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If not for her, the African American civil-rights struggle in North America wouldn’t have gained momentum. It’s due to her that, academic disciplines like women’s studies even exists! We’re talking, of course, about Gerda Lerner—often considered the single most influential figure in the development of women’s and gender history.

This Austria-born holocaust survivor is the central subject of celebrated filmmaker Renata Keller’s documentary, Why Women Need to Climb Mountains. After screenings in Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, and a special viewing at UNESCO in France, this 90-minute flick is making its Indian debut in Kochi’s WE Language Institute.

History matters

Gerda Lerner

“This isn’t a classical feminist production. It’s about making everyone examine their own history. I want people to start thinking independently and question some of the societal structures that they are born into,” explains the Berlin-based director, who’s been a part of the visual arts scene for over 25 years.

She further clarifies that the title of this partly-crowdfunded movie is based on a poem written by Gerda while the prolific author was trekking and stones underneath her feet gave away, inspiring her to depend on inner

When asked how deep-rooted misogyny in mainstream cinema can be tackled by emerging filmmakers, Renata begins clarifying with a shocking statistic: in terms of dialogue alone, women only amount to 10 per cent of total on-screen conversations in movies.

“I think woman have to become pioneers in filmmaking, find their own voice, narrate stories that revolve around gender where females aren’t side-heroines, and visualise stories through their own eyes,” concludes the former CEO and art director of German philosophical quarterly magazine, Evolve.

On April 8 at 5 pm. 
At WE Language Institute, Pallimukku.