Social Isolation: VRIDIAN, ELM and Derain go for a post-club sound for new EP, Rivals

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  04th July 2020 05:44 PM   |   Published :   |  04th July 2020 05:44 PM

VRIDIAN collaborates with ELM and Derain on this new extended play

In April Kolkata-based music producer and tastemaker Varun Desai (known monikers Yidam, 5volts, Varundo) assembled several names for a landmark moment in the underground scene with the Social Isolation compilation, the first of its kind dark ambient / industrial / noise selection. The imprint made way for alternative producers and creators to stay connected through their work amid the global shutdown. In the last few weeks Social Isolation has released several EPs/compilations by artistes like producer and programmer philterSoup and Calicut based music producer Sha (Shaheer Rahman). More recently, Delhi-based electronica producers Derain, ELM and VRIDIAN have collaborated on a two-track EP titled Rivals under Social Isolation.

ELM is the moniker for electronica/ house producer Siddhant Jain

Rivals marks a distinct shift from the discographies of each of the producers as their individual soundscapes have boasted of a more dance music-friendly sound till now. Vir RC aka VRIDIAN’s debut EP, Mulberry Dreams for instance, was a way of streamlining his sonic curiosities surrounding deep techno, house and ambient sounds. ELM (Siddhant Jain) and Derain (Ankit Chugh) both lean towards electronica, melodic house or techno. But Rivals works as an exploration into something a little more atmospheric and post-club. 

Derain aka Ankit Chugh

We are told the title number 'Rivals' (mastered by Chugh and Desai) was a result of an Ableton session which travelled to three different homes and was produced and arranged step-by-step. It's dubby pads and warm textures were provided by Derain, the grooves and the acid infused lead by VRIDIAN and the subtle melodics by ELM. The B-side of this EP, Little Corners Of Nowhere (mastered by Rob Small) is an introspective piece by Derain and VRIDIAN, written during a period where they were both at a loss for inspiration; it makes for a spacious transition into a melodic section. Rivals is available to stream on Bandcamp.