Here's why Salil Acharya’s starry new Spotify podcast makes for incredible lockdown content

Salil Acharya has a new podcast and it's all kinds of glamorous

author_img U Roy Published :  01st May 2020 09:52 AM   |   Published :   |  01st May 2020 09:52 AM

Salil with Saransh Goila during his podcast

Salil Acharya has been a part of the broadcast industry for 18 years now; the actor-turned-podcaster is doing some exceptional work behind the camera with his new Spotify Original podcast Off Script with Salil, which features guests like Taapsee Pannu and Armaan Malik. “I love the ease that comes with the medium of podcasting. It is pure and unadulterated feed. No VFX or gimmicks, it’s pure conversation and audio storytelling. Also, the freedom it gives the creator to customise the show format,” he tells us. 

Salil with actor Jennifer Winget

The show has already completed 24 episodes and is clearly a hit with quarantined millennials. We caught up with the multi-tasker to get to know his project a little better:

Tell us how the podcast was conceived

The idea came to life in one of my conversations with Spotify, where they highlighted how the ‘candid conversations’ format has a high impact as it tends to connect and resonate with audiences instantly. I have realised that it takes 5 minutes to assess anyone who’s sitting in front of you on a chat show, especially today, given the sheer amount of pre-existing information already out there. But even beyond everything that’s already out there, there is always a bigger story right around the corner of a great conversation! 

What are some of the issues you plan to focus on?

The podcast covers diverse people - we have an environmentalist, Afroz Shah, a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker, Gaur Gopal Das. And we have guests from the creative space like Tapsee Pannu, Armaan Malik, Swara Bhaskar, Jennifer Winget. This diversity in our content keeps the audience engaged and intrigued through fresh topics and stories that are relevant in today’s times. 

Salil with Arman Malik

For example, in the episode with Armaan Malik, we were able to touch upon a very sensitive yet important topic - mental health. And we were able to take a deep dive and understand how to cope with it. Another thing that I also focus on is in keeping a larger structure to my conversation prepared. 

Do you enjoy the way the podcast scene is shaping up in the country?

It’s exciting to see the potential of the podcasting industry in India, with many of us taking our first step and creating original audio content on platforms such as Spotify. I do think that the ‘stickiness’ to the medium will become a thing, especially as it finds a whole new appeal amidst times of self-reflection, personal interest, and even in-home entertainment. 

Salil with Nakuul Mehta

A tip for aspiring podcasters?

My favourite tip to people venturing into the audio medium is to be the most genuine version of oneself while creating content, and exploring multiple possibilities during the whole process so as to reach and relate to audiences better. You have to be patient, and if you are able to deliver unique, original content regularly, creators will definitely build and grow with a loyal audience. I appreciate and value all the feedback about the show’s impact on people. Stick to your guns, and you’ll definitely sail through.