75 years of Independence: What independence means to actor Priyanka Mondal, musician Mohan Kannan, and actor Kenisha Awasthi

Celebrities from different industries in the country share what independence means to them

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Actress Priyanka Mondal

Actress Priyanka Mondal

With India celebrating its 75th Independence Day today, we have celebrities from different industries in the country discussing what independence means to them, and how they will be commemorating this historic occasion:

Priyanka Mondal- Actor 

On how she will be spending Independence Day, the actress said, “Well, it will be a working independence Day for me. But before I step out, I'll definitely attend my building's flag hoisting ceremony and proudly sing our national anthem. It's yet another proud moment for us. And all my gratitude for those who fought with their lives to make this possible. On the topic of how she will be paying respect to the country, the actor said, “ It's not just about being expecting one thing. I think we should you become more responsible and well-educated citizens to take our nation forward and be the best country in the world.” 

Mohan Kannan- Musician

The musician said, “Here's wishing all of you a very, very, very Happy Independence Day. Thank you to the New Indian Express for letting me do this. And just talking to you a little bit about independence day: For me, Independence Day signifies everything that we can do and we have the freedom to do and what I have grown up with, which is the freedom to pursue whatever I really want to do. And one of the lines in Laal Singh Chaddha is so beautifully written by Amitabh goes: So just take the reins because you can, and thankfully we've been given the freedom to do so. Wish you a very Happy Independence Day. Go out and celebrate. I'm gonna celebrate this by surrounding myself with as many musicians as possible. That's what we always do to celebrate a good day. So we're going to have a musical jam. I hope you have a great independence day too.”

Kenisha Awasthi- Actor

The actress shared her views on Independence Day. She said,“ Independence to me, personally means equal opportunity for everybody so that we all can actually act on the term, 'be independent, have independent identities, independent philosophies, independent views about things, and a society devoid of any sort of prejudices and stigma — I think that would be real independence. Here's wishing India, my lovely nation, a very happy Independence Day, and I hope that we become progressively more and more with each passing day.”