Vividly magical Vignesh: Showman Vignesh Prabhu gives us a peek into what to expect from his show in Chennai

Magician and mentalist Vignesh Prabhu introduces his new tour with the first show in Chennai, setting us up with some exciting details of what is in store

Pranav Shriram Published :  01st October 2023 02:04 PM   |   Published :   |  01st October 2023 02:04 PM
Vividly magical Vignesh: Showman Vignesh Prabhu gives us a peek into what to expect from his show in

In frame: Vignesh Prabhu

Magic and mentalism are often the talk of the town when you see tricks unfolding in front of your eyes. But we do not often come across one who has achieved floating in the air as one of the tricks scratched off his list. Vignesh Prabhu, who has achieved this feat, has also extended his arms towards the realm of mentalism for quite some time now. Kicking off his tour titled Mind Blow: Mentalism Redefined in Chennai, Vignesh is all set to bring to the audiences a compelling show with many feats and challenges set to be overcome.

When we asked the mentalist what the craft of mentalism is all about, he replies, “Mentalism is a mind trick and pure science that involves psychology, suggestions, and the beta state of mind.” So, to understand what his show will comprise, how one prepares to master the craft of mentalism, who are his inspirations and more, we dive into a more detailed chat with Vignesh. Excerpts:

 What can we expect from your show this coming week?

This is going to be something beyond magic and will create a mind-blowing experience for the audience. I’m going to perform live time travel, exchange of souls, and predict something impossible.

How did you get into mentalism?

I have been a professional magician for the past two decades. I entered the world of magic at a very young age and started mentalism seven years ago.

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 What about this craft is a driving factor for you?

I think it has to be the crazy reactions I get from the audience.

How does one prepare to become a mentalist?

Tricks or moves alone don’t matter. A performer has to master all the subjects like pattern, audience selection, things to educate the audience with, and entertainment value.

Who are some of your inspirations from the same field?

David Copperfield for Grandness, Yuki for skills, and Vignesh Prabhu for performance (laughs) — I treat myself as a competitor and role model. We should inspire some good things from ourselves as well for soul satisfaction.

What are some of the skill sets that one needs to have to become a mentalist?

Clean explanation. Also, communication is a must for mentalism. He or she has to be a magnet for the audience. Additionally, he or she should be updated about the modern gigs happening. Such artistes should also love their art irrespective of others saying something good or bad about it.

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What else is lined up for the year and beyond?

I’m planning for a bunch of performance tours in the future, so I thought of starting at home first with a show presenting a unique pattern of mentalism. I also plan to travel all the metro cities of India and then work on c o n f i r m i n g s o m e foreign tours too.

 INR 299 onwards. October 6, 7.30 pm. At Medai — The Stage, Alwarpet.

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