Comedian Sundeep Sharma brings a night of laughter

While working as a writer for a radio station, a colleague introduced Sundeep to the world of open mics.
Sundeep Sharma
Sundeep Sharma

Sundeep Sharma, a comedian whose humour is as versatile as his background, is set to take Hyderabad by storm with his latest show, Arey Kahan? Known for his distinctive North Indian accent and eclectic mix of topics, Sundeep’s stand-up routines are a refreshing blend of personal anecdotes and societal commentary. His upcoming show promises to be a memorable evening filled with laughter, insights, and a unique perspective on life.

While working as a writer for a radio station, a colleague introduced Sundeep to the world of open mics. Despite his experience in performing comedy with costumes and scripts, Sundeep was unaware of this platform. “In 2009, I went for my first open mic and for the first one itself, I was a runnerup,” he recalls. This initial success fuelled his passion for stand-up comedy, a passion he has pursued ever since.

Over the years, he has honed his craft, performing on a wide array of topics. “There is not only one type of comedy that I do and that’s what makes it very interesting for the audience,” he says. His routines cover everything from relationships and family dynamics to societal issues like drunk driving and casteism.

Sundeep’s comedy is deeply rooted in his own life experiences, a fact that resonates with his audience. “Comedy comes from your life,” he states, emphasising the authenticity in his performances. His ability to connect with the audience, particularly through his North Indian style of speaking, is a testament to his relatability and charm. For the Hyderabad audience, Sundeep promises a night of good standup comedy filled with laughter and enactments. “The audience will have a unique perspective of stand-up comedians after the show,” he assures. His previous shows in the city have been wellreceived. “People in Hyderabad always give me a lot of love,” he says fondly.

Social media has also played a significant role in his rise to fame. The widespread availability of cheap internet has allowed his videos to reach a vast audience. “You can do everything from the comfort of your home — from scripting to recording. One can become famous on their own. You don’t have to be a star kid,” he adds.

As Sundeep prepares to bring his unique brand of comedy to Hyderabad, whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to his comedy, this is a show you won’t want to miss.

Tickets at Rs 499.June 22, 7 pm.

At Zero40 Brewing, Financial District.

Written by Sanjana Pulugurtha


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