Down to brass tacks: Anaka Narayanan’s latest collection

Anaka Narayanan’s new collection finds its muse in Bengaluru’s Lalbagh  Gardens

author_img Ujjvala K Published :  11th August 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  11th August 2017 06:00 AM
Anaka Narayanan

Anaka Narayanan

It isn’t often that you get to understand the inspiration behind the designs woven into your textiles. But here is Anaka Narayanan, designer and owner of the brand Brass Tacks, who will take you on a journey backwards from her clothes to the fount of her creative ideas.

For instance, she speaks of a moment when strolling through a show at the Srishti School of Design, Bengaluru, and chancing upon an archival catalogue of over 1,000 paintings of the city’s Lalbagh Gardens. “I was struck by the fact that these were scientific documents executed with a lot of artistic detail and depth,” recalls Anaka, a former economic analyst.

Mood boards at the show

At the Patterned Perspectives, co-hosted by  the InKo Center, Anaka will share the evolution of her collection, Resort 2016, through thematic mood boards and a narrative that walks you through the proce — from sketches to final renditions of the abstract designs. The idea driving the show is to provide a cultural and educational expe-rience, says Anaka. “It is interesting to understand how a professional’s mind works. This show is my way of communicating to people how my mind processed inspirations to design the line of silhouettes,” says the Chennai-based designer, who is known for using organic colours and fabrics in her collections for women.

At the InKo Center Gallery, Anaka has thus built a walk-through experience, starting with botanical drawings that inspired her designs. The gaze then shifts to little tubes mounted on the wall, which bear samples of the fabrics and pressed flowers such as hibiscus and dhalias, which feature in her designs. Through models of the designs, custom paintings and blocks used for printing, the walk-through of Anaka’s design the process ends with the final products, her dresses, served up with flair. 

At InKo Centre, Adyar. Until August 25. 10 am-6 pm. Details: 9840013017