Camille Norment connects sound, voice and the physical self

Sounds rising.

author_img   |   Published :   |  20th March 2017 04:12 PM


AMERICAN ARTIST Camille Norment’s sound art installation Prime connects sound, voice and the physical self, engaging visitors with sets of “exciters” attached to the benches, echoing sounds and radiating them up into their seated bodies.

The vocalisations are a cross-cultural mix of sounds, ranging from the moaning practised in African American churches, to the throat singing of Tibetan monks, to incantations of the Om sound.

“No sound can be detached from a culture. The moment a sound excites an ear, it belongs to a body that is cultured. I want people to feel sound, to feel the physicality of it,” said Camille, who added glass harmonica, electric guitar and Carnatic vocals to the soundscape during her group The Camille Norment Trio’s live performances in the KMB’s opening week.

At Aspinwall House, until March 29.