WWAM’s upcoming exhibition in Kochi features over 253 artists

A Kochi-based artist fraternity, Worldwide Art Movement (WWAM) seeks to provide space for amateur artists, especially those from underprivileged segments

Arya P Dinesh Published :  15th September 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th September 2017 06:00 AM


A Kochi-based artist fraternity, this endeavour couldn’t care less about fancy degrees and exhibitions. Having solidified its niche as one of the biggest artist gatherings within in Kerala—with over 165 participants listed in its debut event back in 2014—Worldwide Art Movement (WWAM) seeks to provide space to amateur artists, especially those from underprivileged segments. Days away from their eight-day-long show at Durbar Hall, the society’s chairman R Jayanth Kumar speaks to us on Kerala’s contemporary art scenario and what needs to change.

From the roots
Put together using the submissions received via their website, WWAM’s annual showcase also involves endowment of Art Maestro title to a selected entry. “The idea of a yearly gathering, as well as the award function, is our way of carving out a place for those who are condemned just because they couldn’t afford to go to an art school,” begins Jayanth, who works as a DTP operator. Despite earning a diploma in drawing and painting through the Kerala Government Technical Examinations programme (KGTE), this 50-something was forced to let his career in art take a backseat when faced with pressing concerns at the home front.“There are many like me in different parts of the world. Art Maestro is our attempt to bring all of them under one roof,” adds Jayanth, elaborating that their 15-member team has been crowdfunding shows from 2014-2017. 

Global palette
While there is no curation involved in WWAM’s selection process, their award jury for the Art Maestro title involves figures from the academic circle. “This time, the selection process is headed by Poojapura Suku and Manoharan, retired professors from RLV Fine Arts college,” he shares, adding that over 40 foreign nationals including Sao Paulo-based doctor-turned-artist Meri Amanda Calero Navas and Netherland-based Adrie Van De Nieuwenh are taking part in the show. Apart from the main title, WWAM will also announce winners in different categories such as mural, watercolour, abstract, and print as well as special jury and honourable mentions. “Our jury has named Mona Chadha from New Delhi as the award winner this year along with Kollam-based Ajeesh Kandalloor in the sculpture category,” says the Fort Kochi-based artist.

From September 16 - 24. At Durbar Hall