German director involves a group of artists to stage an improvisational performance at Forplay Studio, Kochi

Hada Benedito uses soundpainting to create the performance named Paths That Lead To The Beginning

Jose Joy Published :  15th February 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th February 2019 06:00 AM
Hada Benedito at a workshop

Hada Benedito at a workshop

Soundpainting might seem like a case of mismatched word usage to the uninitiated. In fact, it is a universal live composing sign language for musicians, actors and performers. It was her interest in improvisational music that got Berlin-based musician Hada Benedito interested in this multidisciplinary art form after being classically trained in piano and encountering free jazz.

“I studied soundpainting with its inventor, composer Walter Thompson, in Sweden and have been using it mainly with my group of 14 musicians-improvisers called the Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra since 2011,” begins Hada. However, it would seem that she believes in free improvisation not just in music but also in life—as she decided to suddenly move to Kochi for a year. Currently, she’s introducing her art practices to the city through a performance this weekend. 

Conjoining forms

From the rehearsals

As a musician, Hada usually showcases a range of half-composed to fully-improvised music with a piano and also expands its scope using strings or electronic devices. It’s the techniques of soundpainting that she calls to her aid in designing Paths That Lead To The Beginning—her latest performance which is structured live. 

The first step in this process was an audition that invited actors, writers and dancers. After a screening process, she offered five days of training for an ad hoc-group of 10 artistes including musicians and theatre actors who developed and tested their ideas revolving around the theme of cycles and repetitions.

“Every artist will contribute her/his own version of the repetition of events or sequences in daily life processes, long term personal experiences and so on and we will build an organic collective body out of the combination of these cycles,” she informs, about the two-hour show. Continuing her work at the studio, Hada is also looking into another project that involves female poets.

At Forplay Studio.

On February 15 and 17. 
At 7 pm.