Budding artist Mohona Bhadra's works in black ink and blue go on show at The Chaiwala , Kolkata

It’s a story told in black ink and all shades of blue

author_img   |   Published :   |  15th January 2019 12:00 AM

Mohona Bhadra's artworks

A budding artist, Mohona Bhadra’s artworks is a story told in black ink and blue. Exhibited at The Chaiwala in Southern Avenue, her 15 odd paintings are mostly inspired by nature and her love for literature. Motifs of flowers and leaves dominate the framed paintings that range from 4 cm to 11cm in size.

Bhadra, a student of English Literature from Jadavpur University, loved the subject but the swift strokes of brush and the flow of the pen connected with her more. The self-taught artiste’s measured strokes in black ink neatly conjure to form the central characters on the canvas. Bhadra, who has had a couple of exhibitions in the city and one in Germany, loves working with lines and she uses them extensively while detailing leaves, flowers, mane of her subjects and more. With the two mediums - acrylic and water colour, the 25-year-old’s interplay of black over white paper creates striking ink work.

In black ink, titled Fierce

Most of her work is the result of prompts from festivals/competitions on social media like Inktober and Mermay. The lion’s silhouette with fine detailing exudes dedication and love for the art. It was the result of the prompt ‘fierce’ informs Mohona, who got her basic sketching lessons from a local drawing school till the age of 14. The silhouette of a woman in the midst of thick vegetation, titled tranquil, exudes a melancholic tone and looked poetic. The thick black lines, forming the ladder leading to a house atop a cloud also stood out for its precision with the pen.

Titled: All Shades of Blue

The other exhibits had a burst of colours with blue dominating the space. A blue heart with a window in the middle, dedicated to the song All Things Blue on World Music Day, is Bhadra’s favourite who is inspired by the work of Kelly McKernan, Agnes Cecile and others. Landscapes too are part of the exhibits, which are dreamy.

Price: Rs 2000-4000

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