Have fun and creative weekends in February with these 5 art workshops in Bengaluru

Check out these workshops that will boost your creative faculty

author_img A Sheba Serlin Published :  13th February 2021 07:26 PM   |   Published :   |  13th February 2021 07:26 PM

Art workshops in Bengaluru

If you’re confused as to how to spend your weekends now that the city is slowing coming back to life, here are 5 amazing art and craft workshops for amateur artist who just want to have fun and create something unique-


Charcoal Painting Workshop


Charcoal is a dry medium art that is different from pencils. The workshop focuses on the effect of lights and shades in charcoal as well as the gradations and variations of charcoal. It is a three hour beginner’s course, the art materials will be provided. Grab your bags and get ready to get your hands messy. On February 13, at Dialogues Café.


Pottery workshop for Couples

If you’re looking for the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day that can be etched in your memory forever, here’s a pottery workshop exclusively for couples where you can create something spectacular and keep it as a symbol of love. It’s a two hour workshop focusing on hand-building and wheel throwing. Art materials will be provided. On February 14, at Lahe Lahe.


Mandala art

Spend a meditative morning after a week of busy work at the mandala workshop that will help you relax and focus on your silent thoughts. It’s a three hour workshop that will take you through the basics of mandala creation and you will be encouraged to complete a mandala art work by the end of the workshop. Art materials will be provided. On February 20, at Dialogues Café.


Thread Decoupage Art

Are you obsessed with fancy and extra looking objects? Here’s your chance to learn how to recreate all your boring ordinary household material to something aesthetic. Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing napkins or paper. The three hour workshop will guide how to prepare surfaces, use proper glue, layer napkins or thread, use paints on it and finally how to make it waterproof. Art materials will be provided. On February 27, at Dialogues Café.


Spatula Acrylic Painting

Wooden surfaces have an entirely different effect on paints than paper. This workshop focuses on teaching you how to use acrylic paint on wooden spatulas to create an impressive artwork for your home. It’s a three hour workshop that teaches the techniques and art of painting on wood. Art materials will be provided. On February 28, at Dialogues Café.