Hyderabad’s Neeta Kumar curated something for enthusiasts called Some Classics And Some To-Be Classics

Art has always been a mirror  to people, their minds, cultures, backgrounds and so much more

author_img Shreya Veronica Published :  04th August 2022 07:58 PM   |   Published :   |  04th August 2022 07:58 PM
Neeta Kumar

Neeta Kumar

Art has always been a mirror  to people, their minds, cultures, backgrounds and so much more. Watching people bring to life what only remains in some of our imagination, is a true pleasure. For fans of such art, here’s some good news. Hyderabad’s Neeta Kumar has curated something just for enthusiasts called Some Classics And Some To-Be Classics — an art exhibit that showcases the work of eight artists from across the country.

Explaining the idea behind the art show, Neeta, who is back to doing what she loves the most, says, “I had always curated such art shows twice a year, but this is my first one after the pandemic. The works displayed here primarily showcase some classics and classics to-be, which is why we chose that to also be the title of the show because it best describes the work. The exhibition has work from some popular artists like Raza and Hussain, among others. The whole idea was to also promote local Indian art — as part of this, we have had various works on the tribal art of India like Warli, Gond, and Madhubani.”

The big show after the pandemic was something Neeta has been prepping herself up for a long time now. “I have been looking for ways to promote a lot of Indian local artwork. During the pandemic, I got in touch with various artists who are doing such fabulous work in our county. I also tried getting different pieces commissioned by these artists. I did some extensive research since then and have finally been able to put this show together,” she tells CE.

Neeta could not stop heaping praises for the artists and their work. “These artists and their work are out of the world and so distinctive. The gond art has such a great facet of bright colours — it’s such a unique technique created by people of our land — and each of these artists has something different to bring to the table. The technique is artistic and not to forget, the colours used are made from eco-friendly materials like charcoal and coloured soil,” she says, adding that she is already working on her next show that she hopes to host in another six months.Over 50 brilliant works of art by eight artists are on display at the ongoing show that ends on August 7.