Building dream bubbles!

Everyone loves blowing bubbles. But Sahal Babu made an art form out of it.

author_img Mahima Anna Jacob Published :  17th June 2022 03:09 PM   |   Published :   |  17th June 2022 03:09 PM
Sahal Babu's artistry

Sahal Babu's artistry

Blowing bubbles is probably one of the most cherished memories we all carry from our childhood. You’d see a few floating in the air while taking a stroll in the park during evenings. The bubbles you see on the beach are different from those - they vary in shape and size, from huge circles to tiny spheres. But have you ever considered blowing bubbles to be an art form? Well, Sahal Babu gave it a thought six years ago. With his amazing artistry, he has turne child’s play into a sophisticated creation.

It’s not just the giant, iridescent soap bubbles that Sahal creates. He creates life-sized ones, the most interesting smoke bubbles which are reluctant to pop, multiple bubbles inside a bubble, and 20-odd other types. Though he works with an online service centre, Sahal is popular as a magician. “Since I’ve been performing magic for a while, I wanted to learn a new artform that is remotely related to magic. Six years ago I happened to come across a video in which a foreigner could be seen doing bubble art, creating interesting figures with the translucent subject. This caught my attention, and I decided to learn more about it,” says Sahal, who hails from Tirur in Malappuram district. Knowing that the act is distinct and is not performed by any Keralites, Sahal’s interest in bubble art grew.

 It is more than just the use of liquid soap,” says Sahal. It took him almost five years to create the secret solution. Using glycerine, thick liquid soap, distilled water and eight other ingredients, Sahal successfully brought out works that’ll blow anyone’s mind. “When I began research, I understood that bubble art borrows concepts from math and science. The molecular value, pH level - all must be considered,” says Suhal.

For one of his acts, he tricks you into believing miracles. Bubbles would come from the glass frame. After joining two to three bubbles in the middle, he’d form another bubble within, and then infuse smoke within it, making the inside bubble square-shaped. “When you search for recipes, you can find many. But they won’t make the bubbles last long. The secret recipe of mine can achieve this. Also, by adjusting the quantity and properties, I can make bubbles that are difficult to pop,” adds Sahal. Sahal has several plans in the pipeline. He aspires to perform live bubble art events. He also wants to teach students the math and science concepts in interesting ways.