Want to know more about NFTs? Head to NamasteyNFT this weekend

NamasteyNFT, a first-of-its-kind hybrid event, attempts to bring awareness about the new-age art revolution

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  12th May 2022 05:05 PM   |   Published :   |  12th May 2022 05:05 PM
Some of the artwork that will be displayed

Some of the artwork that will be displayed

The buzz around NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens has been picking up at a steady pace in the last two years. Many artists, musicians, filmmakers and even actors have been minting NFTs and selling their work. But while the interest and noise around it is just getting bigger with every passing day, there are many others who are still trying to wrap their head around this new phenomenon. An event taking place this weekend in the city, attempts to bring about more awareness and disseminate knowledge about NFTs and its related processes, and how the art world is getting more democratic with its emergence.

Titled NamasteyNFT, the two-day showcase will be a meeting platform not just for artists and NFT enthusiasts, but also for people who want to learn more about it. Three hundred artists will be showcasing their work at this hybrid summit that will be held simultaneously in the real world and in the Metaverse. “There are too many myths about NFTs and crypto currencies. There is a big community out in there that’s dealing in crypto currencies and NFTs. Our aim is to bring awareness about this community and how they work,” explains Mayank Tiwari, one of the founders and curators.

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NamasteyNFT started as a group on WhatsApp by likeminded artists and friends in August 2021 to support each other. By January 2022, everyone in the group had sold at least one artwork because of the support they provided. Then the group initiated a fund and started buying more NFTs in support, by March they got a venture capitalist onboard and decided to host NamasteyNFT as a full-fledged event. Mayank who is also a travel photographer has sold many of his photographs as NFTs. He says, “I sold one of my pictures from the Maha Kumbh Mela that I had shot in 2019. It was sold for two lakh rupees or 0.5 eth. It was my first sale and I sold it in October 2021.”

He says the group wanted NamasteyNFT to be a democratic event with as many entries as possible. Over 1500 works were submitted and well-known artists and photographers from across the globe shortlisted and curated 300 of these works. Bidding for these works began two days prior to the event, so some of the work that will be on display would have already been bought by enthusiasts. “The works will be exhibited in digital format. About 60 LED screens will be showcasing all these artworks. We also have 10 different collectors’ galleries that will showcase artworks that are worth multi-million dollars," offers Mayank.

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Some of this work is as simple as mandala art, travel photographs, paintings, motion graphics, and architectural work to poetry. With the aid of technology, poets can actually mint their verses as NFTs and sell it as art. The event will also include an interactive treasure hunt tour of the festival and a forest experience room. The first day of the exhibition will end with a performance by Hanumankind, Jbabe, Shanka Tribe and Black Ice Crew.

Entry free. May 14-15. At Bangalore International Exhibition Centre