Lucknow's The Avadh Gallery to be tech-driven after revamping work

At the entrance, people will be given information about the history and geography of the Avadh province  

author_img IANS Published :  01st May 2023 02:42 PM   |   Published :   |  01st May 2023 02:42 PM

Photo Credits: Pexels

The Avadh gallery at the State Museum, housed in Lucknow Zoo campus, is being revamped, to provide people with a better insight into the rich culture and heritage of the region.

The renovated gallery, which will reopen in June, will be technology driven and is being renovated and redesigned by the Uttar Pradesh Awas Vikas Parishad with an estimated cost of Rs 1.8 crore.

The gallery was established 50 years ago with the objective of making make people aware of Avadh's culture and showcasing 120 objects in two halls. The exhibits include clothes with chikan and zari embroidery worn during the Nawabi era, bidri metal work and objects made of ivory and clay.

Museum director Anand Kumar Singh said: "Both the halls of the gallery will be technology driven and will have audio-visual presentations informing people about the exhibits and their history and relevance." Besides the addition of new exhibits, old and worn-out ones will be replaced.

Visitors will be provided with mobile tablets fed with all information related to exhibits. These tablets will serve as digital guides as a person will be able to easily access the information about specific exhibits on display while taking a tour of the gallery.

New items to be added to the gallery include paintings of the Nawabi era, dioramas of monuments, musical instruments and sculptures that will inform the visitor in detail about the history and rich culture and heritage of the Avadh region that included Lucknow and Ayodhya apart from other places.

At the entrance, people will get information about the history and geography of the Avadh province.

Soon after entering the first hall, a visitor will find a portrait of Lord Ram and information about his rule followed by a section displaying the clothing items of the Nawabi era, metalwork and pottery etc and a diorama of Rumi Darwaza.

The entrance of the second hall has been designed to appear as Lakhi Gate. Once inside the hall, one will find showcases with musical instruments of the Nawabi era on display followed by a section which will depict the Nawabi court scene with the help of life-size sculptures.

The woodwork and designer carvings on doors and jharokhas of the Nawabi era will also be on display. At the end of the gallery, visitors will get information about the 1857 War of Independence in Awadh which will be displayed through infographics on posters and archival documents.