Colonel Dr VRK Prasad talks about his book Youth in Nation Building: The Way Forward

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author_img Surya Raj Chikurthi Published :  13th July 2022 01:35 PM   |   Published :   |  13th July 2022 01:35 PM
Colonel Dr VRK Prasad

Colonel Dr VRK Prasad

India is a developing nation as we get to see new start-ups emerging around across India. But India is capable of more than what it is achieving now. This aspiration of India becoming a developed country is only possible if the youth of India are responsible for their future.The book Youth in Nation Building: The Way Forward, address this issue for everyone from 15-29 years old.

The author, Colonel Dr VRK Prasad, is an educator and researcher, who post-army life, published 12 books on various subjects such as management, leadership and human resource management in the educational sector. Colonel Dr VRK Prasad, in 2000 joined  ICFAI University and served in different positions such as Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, and Chancellor. Asking about his interest in writing he said, “My inspiration for writing came from N J Yasaswy, a member of ICFAI University. He saw a writer in me that I didn’t and encouraged me to write and pursue my PhD.”

Colonel Dr VRK Prasad started writing this book a year and a half ago, “This is based on my experiences and interaction with students from the university. The common problem seems to be a lack of awareness of the real world, and what it takes to be successful in this world.” He also added, “Parents these days are more focused on marks and making sure that their kid gets into a reputed college or joins courses that offer good salary packages.

This puts kids under stress or makes them disinterested in life. Marks are not everything, and when students sit for an interview they don’t do anything else other than their subjects.” This inspired him to write a book on how youth can transform themselves into valuable assets for the nation. “I want to serve my motherland is one of the main reasons that people say when they join the army, but if anyone from any sector when fulfills their responsibility, they are serving their nation. This can be in agriculture, engineering, or entrepreneurship,” said Colonel Dr VRK Prasad.

This book is different from other self-help books as this book’s examples and lessons are based on case studies. The book is relevant to students of all ages and students from different streams. The book also sheds light on the importance of maintaining good health by exercising regularly and eating good food. Asking about his plans ahead in time, Colonel Dr VRK Prasad said, “I am not trying to earn money from my writing, God has been kind to me. I want to serve society by writing, doing charity, providing scholarships to students, this is what I want to do with my retired life.”