Baseline basics: Sania Mirza on her favourite designer

From street shopping to her favourite designer, the face of  Label Bazaar tells us what keeps her ticking

Rebecca Vargese Published :  14th April 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  14th April 2017 06:00 AM
Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza likes to play it cool with everything that is not tennis. A rather stark contrast from the firebrand on the court that we know. Lounging in easy breezy denims, eating papaya and drinking tonnes of water seem to be her simple go-tos for the summer. Possibly the only indulgence that this tennis sensation serves up is her Rolex watch. Just back from her match in Miami, she remains unfazed about her loss and instead, is upbeat about the future, telling us it is all about keeping up the momentum. Meanwhile, there’s Label Bazaar a fashion project with her stylist sister, Anam Mirza, pilates sessions, and the occasional rant on Twitter to keep life interesting.

Many times your fashionable persona off the court has garnered quite a bit of attention. How do you balance being a sportsperson and a fashion icon?
I think dressing up is something that I have always loved. I would say it comes naturally to me, but then again, I have a good team around me who know a lot more about fashion and trends. (Laughs) I would describe my style as comfortable and that’s an extension of what I am as a person. That way, the person that I am on the court and off it are essentially the same, so there never is a question of trying to balance something out.

What are your wardrobe staples?
Definitely jeans. They are my go-to for a day out. Lately, I have become more open to experimenting with different cuts. Long dresses are a current favourite.

How open are you to experimenting with your style?
I have worked with a couple of people as my stylists – one is Ahmed Patel and other is my sister. Between the two of them, they both know my kind of style and body type. They realise that I am experimental with my look but, that I need to feel comfortable in it. 
I think I have it rather easy. They have a tough job of trying to find options that I will wear. Most times, they’ll pick out 20 garments out of which I would probably like just 10.

Sania Mirza

You have mentioned that you like to street shop. What is the best bargain that you’ve picked up on one of these trips?
I love to street shop when I am on tour, especi-ally since it is not something I can do here. I have gotten great pairs of jeans and some lovely jewellery. 
You get these delicate little trinkets for your hands or something to wear around the neck when you walk down the streets of London or New York or even Miami. 

Given your minimalist fashion sense which Indian designer appeals to the shopper in you?
Farah Khan’s jewellery is beautiful. They are delicate and dainty. I have worn her pieces to most of my award shows.

As for your workout routine, are you someone who tries out new wellness trends?
That’s pretty much my work. My routine is focussed on strength training. New age workout? I do a little bit of pilates, since that’s what very one seems to be doing nowadays.