Six sounds of Yaazhi-The Band

A band of young musicians from the city will play their latest songs and covers at Unwind Center, Chennai, on Saturday

Karan Pillai Published :  25th August 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th August 2017 06:00 AM
Saikaran Praveen

Saikaran Praveen

Unwind Center’s LIVE 101 series of performance nights aims to be a platform for promising musicians and performers alike, such as UP-based singer Surabhi Kurmi and city-based ensemble Yaazhi - The Band who will be seen on stage in tomorrow’s edition. The latter is a six-piece band that debuted this year at Saarang, IIT Madras’s flagship fest, and comprises of founder director and violinist Kiran Kashyap, lead vocalist Harini Rangan, bassist Sankrith Sowmya, drummer Sandip Ramanan, guitarist Saikaran Praveen and keyboardist Siddharth Ramalingam. Aged between 18-22, all the members of the band are studying in various city-based colleges, and are looking to follow in the footsteps of established homegrown bands who are rocking the indie scene, domestically and internationally.   

Kiran Kashyap


Harini Rangan

Harping over music 
“The band derives its name from the ancient Indian string instrument ‘Yaazh’, referring to the harp. We formed the band roughly a year ago,” says Kiran, admitting that it will be a while before they start recording albums, although Sandip says that they are working on new songs for the purpose of an album. Harini chips in, saying that Bengaluru-band Agam (who performed at Sir Mutha Hall last weekend) happens to be their biggest inspiration. Sankrith on the other hand mentions that the distinct tone of Irish Church music also has been a great influence. Harini adds, “Although we’re not presenting any original scores tomorrow, we are working on playing a range of sounds that touch upon different genres and also covers of some of Agam’s Carnatic progressive rock songs,” while expressing her happiness with the fact that Carnatic music in Chennai has moved beyond the sabhas and is reaching more people than ever. 

Siddharth Ramalingam


Sankrith Sowmya

Toning it up
The six young musicians may have their roles cut out in the context of the band, but each of them have already mastered multiple instruments and are looking to explore more genres. Like Kiran who, besides knowing how to play 10 instruments, has also modified a German five-string violin. Sandip, who owns two drum kits, also plays the cajon. Sankrith however is happy with his bass guitar and is trying to get the best out of his instrument. All in all, they are intent on producing new and 
interesting music.

6 pm onwards. Entry at Rs. 200. Details: 9941458855 


Sandip Ramanan