Listen to soulful Sufi music at the 17th edition of Ruhaniyat

This edition brings to stage an interesting ensemble of monks and musicians

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  16th December 2017 02:19 PM   |   Published :   |  16th December 2017 02:19 PM

The Tibetan Monks

The popular Sufi music festival, Ruhaniyat, travels to Bengaluru this weekend after shows in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. This edition of the festival brings to stage a motley group of musicians and singers. Poet and vocalist Madan Gopal Singh and Chaar Yaar, the qawwali group Chand Nizami, Tibetian Monks, Manganiyar singer Kachra Khan and the Russian music duo Two Siberians take to the stage.

While each one of these artistes is a master in their music, it’s the amalgamation of their styles that makes Ruhaniyat special. Madan Gopal Singh, one of the performers is a renowned poet and Sufi musician. He along with his group Chaar Yaar will be presenting poems and songs that traverse across languages. From Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi songs to Bob Dylan and John Lenon, they have an assortment lined up. “Since we will be performing in Bengaluru, we will also present poems by the Kannada poet Purandaradasa. Another important highlight is the ‘obsessive argumentation’, this means we keep returning to a phrase or a word which leads to a dialogue initiation during the performance. Example, we keep using the word Maula (which means master or God). Maula could be pleased with the child or displeased, and Maula could be compassionate, so revisiting this word will help us initiate a dialogue,” explains Madan. 

The highlight of the evening, though, is When Hearts Connect – An Indo Russian Production by Kachra Khan, Tibetan Monks and the Two Siberians. “It is a combination of chants by the Tibetan monks, Bulleh Shah’s compositions and music by the Siberians. The idea is to bring these three different artistes and their music under one theme. The thought behind each of them is the same,” explains Mahesh Babu, the man behind the concept of Ruhaniyat and the founder and MD, Banyan Tree. Apart from the music ensembles, audiences could also expect some interesting renditions of poetry by the Chaar Yaar group who will revisit verses by poets from the 12th century to the 21st century.
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