Catch Bristol-based EDM duo, Way Out West, live at Blue Frog

The outfit is the collaborative effort of two ingenious producers, Jody Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff

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Way Out West in Bengaluru

Way Out West in Bengaluru

For all electronic music buffs in the city, Way Out West is making a stop in Bengaluru. The outfit is the collaborative effort of two ingenious producers, Jody Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff. All the way from Bristol, the duo is having their summer tour in India and visiting three cities. Blue Frog plays host to the their Bengaluru gig.

As pioneers in the field of electronic music, Way Out West has seen it all. Formed in the '90s, they rose to fame with their single The Gift and continued to solidify their position in the industry with hits like MindCircus, Intensify’ and other dance-worthy tunes, which have remained timeless. They talk about about their musical journey, their collaborations and their Indian tour.

You have been in the industry for more than two decades now, how do you think the electronic-dance genre has evolved over the years? How have you been able to keep up with the changing times and progress in the genre?

Electronic music, like all genres is constantly evolving and changing. From techno to EDM, there is something for everyone. The EDM sound seems to be getting less popular and more people are embracing the underground sounds, which suits us just fine. As a partnership, we both bring our own tastes and ideas to the Way Out West project. We both have a passion to create music and also to hear other producers' amazing forms of music. That is what really inspires us.

With advancement in technology, do you think it is easier to work now than when you had started out in the '90s?

It is absolutely so much easier now. All you really need is a good laptop and Ableton and in a couple of days you can be on your way to producing your own music. Of course, that is only half the story, as it is originality and to some extent, experience that will make you stand out from the rest.

With electronic music being introduced into the pop culture, the popularity of the genre has risen exponentially. Do you think it takes away the essence of the genre?

The pop side maybe not ours or your idea of electronic music, but it is a good entry point to lots of people who may then go on to find and love the more underground sounds.

How has your working relation been through the years and the thought process behind the music that you produce as a duo?

We have lasted longer than most marriages. Haha. A mutual respect and love for the same kind of music has been key. Also we never spend too much time together outside the studio which keeps everything on an even keel.

Is there any Indian artist that you would like to collaborate with?

We are very impressed with traditional Indian music, so we would love to work with some musicians in the future. We did release an Indian Way Out West track back in the 90's called 'Ajare.'

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