A Kinsman to Danger: A vocal recital at KMMC will feature world premiere of Paravam Vir's song cycle

Fathima Ashraf Published :  09th April 2018 02:41 PM   |   Published :   |  09th April 2018 02:41 PM

A fully acoustic performance sans any microphones is rare, although it promises a very authentic experience, where the audience will get to connect with the performers naturally. A Kinsman to Danger, the Western classical recital to be held at the KM Music Conservatory, is one such performance that will also see various cultures coming together. The highlight of the concert is that it will have poems of Indian philosopher-poet Aurobindo Ghosh, with music by British-Indian composer Param Vir, performed by Welsh and American artistes in Chennai. 

Alongside the world premiere of Param Vir’s song cycle on Aurobindo’s texts, the concert lasting 90 minutes, will also feature art songs from different eras (17th-century Baroque era to the present) and styles including works by English and Welsh composers Henry Purcell, George Butterworth and Grace Williams, among others. The concert will be voiced by Welsh baritone Jeremy Huw Williams and American pianist Paula Fan. 

Jeremy Huw Williams

“It is not going to be a dramatically or theatrically staged performance. The venue will have a stage in a horseshoe setup in order to make the audience feel that they are closer and more engaged with the performance,” says Adam Greig, a teacher at the KMC.

Although there is no common theme connecting the entire show, the works have been chosen because of their communicative and dramatic nature, most often seen in chamber recitals. “The works we use for the recital are not very common and so we hope it will lead people to discover new sounds and composers,” Jeremy shared.

The concert with recitals in English, French as well as Welsh will feature four poems (Light, Sea at Night, Revelation and Invitation) of Aurobindo Ghosh, all of which talk about the various elements and phenomena of nature, such as the ocean, wind, brook, mountains, and such. 

Paula Fan

Being on her first visit to India, Paula says, “It is fascinating to experience Western classical music through the eyes of Indian audiences who are intent on exploring another aesthetic viewpoint, and to share artistic experiences.”

About the kind of audience they are expecting, Jeremy says, “The concert is designed to be accessible to anyone who loves music and culture, so we are hoping that it will be a diverse audience of people who have, interest either in music, singing, or even the texts and works of Aurobindo.” Subsequent performances will be held in Pune and in Mumbai, following which they will perform in Wales, Germany, and USA, later this year.

April 10, 7 pm. Entry free.