In coversation with Fame the Band from Tura, Meghalaya

The band plays live in Bengaluru this weekend 

Anagha M Published :  03rd August 2018 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd August 2018 12:00 AM

Fame the Band

IN 2013, four musicians got together for a local competition in the small town of Tura in Meghalaya. That’s how Fame the Band was born. “That’s when we discovered each other’s potential. And we have been on this chase to stand for ourselves and our music ever since,” says Fame Sangma, the vocalist. “We are a family first,” she adds. The band plays live in the city this weekend. The four-member outfit features guitarist Mikkimra Shira and his brother Mark Shira, who is the drummer, Tengsam Momin, the bassist and Fame.

Although they have an alt pop sound, they don’t want to be boxed into any genre. As Fame says, “We just like to call it music. Being labelled a genre is kind of like picking out your own crowd.” Songs such as Brighter Days and Like The Stars are happy and soulful, whereas tracks such as Don’t Save Me and I’m Outside are a bit more dark. The band released their debut album, Nouns, in October last year and have been touring since. Earlier this year, they also released a music video for the song Autumn.

Bengaluru music enthusiasts may remember the band for being the winners of Strawberry Fields in 2016. “Strawberry Fields worked out for us in the most unexpected way. It amplified the potential that we knew was already there, eventually letting us conclude with what we wanted to do and where we wanted to be. Since then, it has been one hell of a ride! We live together now, we have our debut album out, we’ve been playing around the country. It’s been a dream,” Fame signs off.

Rs. 500. August 4, 9.30 pm. At Blue Frog, Church Street