Talking EDM: Dee MC and Gurbax on their new single, Aatank

The single is made for the Bacardi House Party Sessions and talks about “the terror within”

Anagha M Published :  20th August 2018 02:54 PM   |   Published :   |  20th August 2018 02:54 PM

Dee MC and Gurbax

Producer Gurbax and rapper Dee MC aka Deepali Unnikrishnan came together for a collaboration with Bacardi House Party Sessions and released a new single, Aatank. Gurbax is known for his bass heavy music, while Dee MC is popular for her hard-hitting verses about relevant social problems. The artistes speak to us about the track and how it all came together:

Tell us about the track, Aatank.
Dee MC:
Aatank is the latest release in the line of AIB’s Bacardi House Party Sessions. Gurbax has produced the track and I’m featured for a verse on it. 
Gurbax: Aatank is all about the terror within you. That inner terror which breeds from adversity, but which eventually, crystallises into that undying passion to overcome and to claim the right to your metaphorical ‘throne’ in society.

What are the themes you touch upon?
Dee MC: Mostly it’s about the surroundings around me narrated through my perspective. I’m a staunch advocate of the need for feminism in our society so my music reflects those thoughts as well. Apart from that I also like to talk about my journey as a female hip hop artist from India.
Gurbax: With Aatank, due to the intense sonic character of the drop and the main melody, I knew the lyrics had to involve a theme that emboldened that same energy. I ended up giving each vocalist the same brief – to speak from the vantage point of someone from a marginalised community who’s finally breaking free and, in the process, empowering others to do the same.

Tell us about your journey with BHPS.
Dee MC: Limn Entertainment put me in touch with Gurbax for this collaboration. Everything happened through internet. I was excited to work on it soon as I found out its for the BHPS!
Gurbax: The journey has been eventful to the say the least! I just want to say that I’m extremely grateful to have been chosen from the many options at hand for this project and that it’s so promising to see major brands such as Bacardi and AIB lending support to bass music artists. Definitely feel like it’s a strong sign of things to come.

How was the creative process of creating and track and collaborating?
Dee MC: Like I mentioned, the whole process happened over the internet. Gurbax and I got in touch, he sent me the beat and explained that he’s looking for a women power centric verse in Hindi. So I just did my thing and he dug the vibe! 
Gurbax: The track is a collaboration that spans across 3 different countries - India (Dee MC), Canada (Heiwah) and the US (Blake Lovely). Working with each of them was a treat cause they all brought such contrasting energies and vibes to the table – which is something I inherently enjoy working with. In my previous tracks, I’ve always strived to create interesting soundscapes through juxtaposing samples from different eras and genres to create one cohesive sound - but with Aatank, it was challenging and fun at the same time because I got to apply that same creative philosophy to working with actual vocalists.

Listen to the track here: