Paloma and Adil all set to release brand new videos from their EP, Alonely

The scenes in the video are an outcome of a few crazy dreams and thoughts, says Paloma

Paulami Sen Published :  07th December 2018 03:37 PM   |   Published :   |  07th December 2018 03:37 PM
Paloma and Adil EP Alonely

Adil and Paloma

Since 2016, vocalist Paloma Majumder and guitarist Adil Rashid have created quite a stir in the indie music scene of the city. Paloma, often known as the ‘Adele of Kolkata’, has now teamed up with Adil yet again to release two new videos from their EP, titled Alonely. “The video of the song, Keep me in Mind, throws some light on the common man’s perspective on war and how it takes away so much more from you than the supposed promise of freedom,” says the singer of the dreamy and sensual track, Hold On. Meanwhile, Adil adds, “We are also releasing the video of our song, Fly a Little, where the scenes in the video are an outcome of a few crazy dreams and thought. And we wanted a visual artist to work on it, so we have Reya Ahmed on board with us.”


Check out their video of Fly a Little that will be out tonight


Their fans who have been regularly attending their live performances, ever since they started playing during their Jadavpur University days, are eagerly waiting for the video of Fly a Little, which is slated for release on December 7. Meanwhile, Paloma also recently sang the powerful title track of the Paoli Dam-starrer, Kaali (web-series). The song, which she sang in Bangla, is quite a shift from the melodious vocals that she is known for. “The Kaali title track was a really exciting experience, especially because the song has so many layers to it. There’s the intro that sounds like a mantra and then it goes into a rock ballad and then there’s a rap section,” says Paloma, adding, “I’m glad people like the song because it was really fun to record and shoot the video for it as well, very unlike the things I’ve done.” Indeed, we see a very different side of the effervescent singer. The singer beautifully captures the pain of a mother, who has to resort to desperate measures to save her child.


Keeping her journey in mind, we are almost taken by surprise when she tells us that she never thought she would become a vocalist. The Kolkata singer says, “Maybe I started singing because our act (Paloma and Adil) ties everything together for me, I can write, sing and dance (on stage),” says the self-trained singer, who looks up to the likes of performers like Freddie Mercury, Fiona Apple, Beyoncé, Kishore Kumar and Billy Joel, apart from Adil. “We were both in Jadavpur University and we happened to know each other through friends and discovered that music is an important part of both our lives. We happened to collaborate for a play and that’s when we found out that we can compose effortlessly together,” says Adil, who is inspired by classic rock, like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Guns n’Roses and Deep Purple.


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