Coimbatore-based Lazy Frenzy releases debut single 

Frontman of Rock Paper Scissors experiments with electro-pop and ambient music in his solo project, Lazy Frenzy

Rebecca Vargese Published :  20th July 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  20th July 2018 06:00 AM


The last time we spoke to Tushar Mathur from the Coimbatore-based garage rock band Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) was following the release of his three-member band’s bluesy toned EP titled Listen to Me. However, the band’s lead singer is now looking at a solo career and has just released his debut single under the project name Lazy Frenzy, yesterday. With synth beats and loops integral to his newfound sound, Tushar classifies his project under the genre electro-pop. 

Started by the 22-year-old singer earlier in the year, the project took off when Coimbatore-based audio engineer Sandeep Raghavan offered his insights into the sound and mixing techniques that Tushar could use. “There were always experimental sounds I wanted to explore with my music, but since we had already worked out a niche for Rock Paper Scissors, a solo project was on the cards,” he explains. However, what finally spurred the EP was the Bengaluru-based musician buying a guitar looper pedal. “I would end up spending hours together making guitar loops and putting them together to create the sound I wanted and then began working on my lyrics,” Tushar explains. While this may be the case, the musician employs elements of ambient music, space rock and acid jazz in his single Can Anybody See. 
Tying up with Mumbai-based indie label Nrtya for a spot in the online music space, the single will be followed by the release of an EP, we learn. “EPs allow you the freedom to experiment with the music that you are putting out, while not having to worry about track sequencing and overarching themes,” he shares, explaining that all six-songs from the EP will be out in September.

Music available on Soundcloud and lazyfrenzy’s website