Primitiv talks about their retro-futuristic theme and old-school music

The five-piece supergroup is on their Sport Of The Sick tour

Jose Joy Published :  27th July 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th July 2018 06:00 AM

Credits: Himanshu Rohilla

Moulding a band on the strength of ideation is something hardly seen among Indian metal bands; maybe even in the indie music scene. Mumbai-based Primitiv is one such rare supergroup by veteran performers who are/have been part of popular acts like Sledge, Albatross, and Blood Meridian.

The quintet’s discography including their debut album Immortal and Vile, and singles like The Skull and the Stick are based on a self-created post-apocalyptic dystopian universe.

“In line with our retro-futuristic theme, we create slow and riff-oriented music. We’re exploring the original sound of metal created by early bands like Black Sabbath, but are open to newer elements,” says vocalist Nitin Rajan, about their doom-influenced death metal sound. We catch up with the outfit as they’ve marked Kochi on their Sport Of The Sick tour map which features six Indian cities.

Strong core
Most of the band’s members including Riju Dasgupta, Pushkar Joshi, Kiron Kumar and Rajarshi Bhattacharyya where active in the scene when the seed of Primitiv was sowed in 2013. Having been popular as show organisers and metal radio hosts, the performers garnered widespread acceptance for the band through extensive shows in other cities including Kolkata and even Aurangabad.

“The crowd in newer cities where fewer shows occur are hungry and more receptive,” observes Nitin, the winner of the Best Vocalist at Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2016. Ask them about their musical direction since they’re gearing up to release new singles and he says, “We honestly don’t have a template, but don’t want songs to sound alike. We’ll be playing our new track Squishy and Spongy in Kochi which has slam influences,” also mentioning that it’ll be a cover-free set.

On July 28, at 5 pm.
At Q8 Pack, Gold Souk.