DJ duo DubVision is set to take Hyderabad by storm at the Ultra Music Festival Tour India

The Dutch music producer duo will be performing at TOT pub in Hyderabad this Sunday. 

A Harini Prasad Published :  08th June 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th June 2018 06:00 AM

The DubVision duo

Best known for their Beatport-topping track Backlash, music producer duo DubVision is all set to debut in Hyderabad at the Ultra Music Festival Tour India this Sunday. Originally from the Netherlands, DubVision comprises brothers Stephan and Victor Leicher, who have together performed at international festivals including Tomorrowland (Belgium) and Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas) and successfully created a devoted fan base with their progressive house and Electronic Dance Music. We catch up with Victor, ahead of their performance.

What can we expect in your upcoming show in Hyderabad?
An energetic set with lots of melodies! We will play our old and new, unreleased tracks and some of our favourite tracks from 
other artistes.
Tell about your experience with the Ultra Music Festival.
Playing Ultra is always exciting. We’ve played a few and there is always a lot of hype around it. People from all over the world tune in to stream their favourite DJ’s set.
How did DJing and music production happen to you?
We both had piano lessons as children. At a young age, I got interested in translating these melodies into songs on a computer. It took me a while to get the hang of electronic music producing. At that time, Steve (the older brother) was going to parties. He heard the music I made and had some ideas and feedback, which resulted in a partnership. After a couple of years, we released our first records and the rest is history.
Who have been your musical inspirations? 
Our absolute biggest inspiration has always been The Swedish House Mafia. We love their eye for detail in their productions and melodies.
Was the shift to making music full-time challenging?
Steve was an architect at that time and he had to decide between a career in music and the job. In the beginning, we had to figure out how to make money off this hobby but eventually, it paid out.
What does your stage name DubVision signify? 
We get this question a lot but there isn’t really an answer. Steve thought of it one day and we both thought it sounded cool. Later, someone told us they thought it meant dub (double) vision, like two
visions, two brothers, which actually does make a lot of sense.

For someone who isn’t familiar with your music, what are the tracks you’d recommend?
Turn It Around, I Found Your Heart and our collaboration with Afrojack called New Memories.
What do you think about the digital transformation of the music industry?

It’s super easy to reach out to your fans now and you don’t really need the record companies. But on the other hand, the life cycle of a track has become shorter. People have so much music at their fingertips that they skip through music too easily. The area of albums is almost over nowadays and that is something we think is a shame.
Are there any musicians from India you’re a fan of? 
We’ve heard some, and we’ve seen some Bollywood movies (laughs). We love how acts like Major Lazer and DJ Snake use Indian influences in their music.
Tell us about previous experiences of playing in India.
India has a special place in our hearts. Our fans here are so loyal and the energy at our events is always crazy. It’s been a while since we’ve been here, so we’re super excited to be back.
What are your future projects?
We have a new track coming out on the 12th of July on Armada, which we are excited about. At the same time, we are working on a special project together with musical duo Firebeatz, called METAFO4R. You might have seen the reveal of this project on EDC Vegas and our next performance will be on Tomorrowland mainstage.
On June 10, 8 pm onwards. AT TOT, Jubilee Hills.