Interview: British-Indian singer Reshrich chats about music, and things he likes in a girl

 UK based singer and songwriter Reshrich talks about music and what he likes in a girl

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  26th November 2018 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th November 2018 12:00 AM
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British-Indian singer Reshrich, who is known for his singles Moonlight and Buy Me Love is busy composing his third, which will release some time before Christmas. The 19-year-old singer songwriter took time out for an email chat with Indulge on all things music and more. Excerpts:

Your second single is also creating quite a stir. What's the secret recipe?

The secret to any song's success is making sure that you feel the right vibe as an artiste, while making the song.  Also, the kind of genre I was working with for this song was very popular in the UK, and hence resonated with a lot of people.

Are you thinking beyond R&B and pop, or are you happy in your space?

I’m in a happy space at the moment, because I feel I have found a sound that suits me, and that’s rare for an artiste. But, at the same time, no matter what song you make, not everyone is going to be able to vibe with it. There is so much to experiment within the pop and R&B space.

What kind of music inspires you?

Songs from Justin Bieber’s Journals album. People say that it is an underrated album, but to be fair, I think it was because the songwriting and storytelling in those songs was too mature for him as an artist. I aspire to create musical art that sets a mood when played, something that will take you out of your current place when you put your headphones on.

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We know you idolise ‪Ed Sheeran and Drake, who else is in that list?

Ed Sheeran and Drake are two very versatile and successful artistes, and that's why I look up to them for inspiration. I also look up to artistes like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, The Weekend and John Mayer, because they make music that just connects with millions of people.

Have you ever got a chance to meet ‪Ed Sheeran?

No, I haven’t got the chance yet, sometime in the future, though I probably will.

What are the current songs you are listening to?

I’m listening to a lot of hip-hop music, as it just gives a lot of energy and motivation. The artiste who’s on heavy rotation on my playlists right now is probably Drake. The guy just makes a song for every occasion. 

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What are the songs you are working on right now? When is your third single releasing?

My third single will come out around before Christmas, and I am working on upcoming releases that lean more towards the R&B side. I am really excited for everyone to hear it.

Your father is an Indian, mother a Serbian, and you have grown up in London. How has it been growing up in a cross-cultural cosmopolitan environment?

Growing up in a cross-cultural, cosmopolitan environment has really shown me all sides of life at a young age. The different ways of living have taught me to never judge a book by its cover, but to first understand a person.

Are you in a relationship? What do you look in a girl?

No, I’m not in a relationship, because I’m just focusing on music and my career at the moment. But what I look for in a girl is confidence. I like a girl who is confident about herself, and knows what she likes.