Kochi-based indie musician AGO releases first single from upcoming EP Missing Machine

Jose Joy Published :  12th October 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th October 2018 06:00 AM
Missing Machine - Indie Rock

Missing Machine - AGO

Brain drain affects our resources, we’ve learned that in school. If you actively observe our Tier-2 cities, this negative trend is also harming the local indie music scenes. As metros beckon with high-paying jobs and better prospects, musicians are leaving cities like Kochi in swarms.

Abhishek Gopurathinkal, the vocalist and guitarist of the now-defunct alternative rock group Chasing Back, is fighting this phenomenon with his resilience by going solo.

“My previous project dissolved late last year and I realised keeping a band together is a hassle because people always leave. So I conceived Ago as a solo project which will bring together an art community through collaborations—including visual and design artists,” says Abhishek about his tie-up with people like guitarist Sujith Valiyaveetil, as he speaks to us before launching the title track from his debut EP Missing Machine at a gig this weekend.

New direction


The musician doesn’t hesitate in answering how Ago is different from his previous involvements. “I’ve moved on from abstract themes and this concept release is politically triggered,” says the singer, explaining that his three-song collection revolves around a dystopian world created by technology. The scope for artist participation is also evident as the first single from the act even features live-recorded cello and violin lines adding to the anguishing mood. 

“Our intention with the tone is to create a fine mix of a modern sound with a retro ’80s analogue one,” says the songwriter. Missing Machine, the title track uses grunge influences to tell the tale of a man who steps away from blind routines and propaganda.

Currently engaged in creating an animation video for the track with Berlin-based Tiago M Araujo, the young musician is charting out shows in cities like Manipal and Bengaluru.

At Forplay, Panampilly Nagar

On October 12 at 6.30 pm