Tech talk: In conversation with German melodic techno producer, Modeplex

We interview the producer before he comes to Bengaluru as the headliner for the Submerge Showcase

Anagha M Published :  07th August 2019 07:12 PM   |   Published :   |  07th August 2019 07:12 PM


DJ and techno producer from the South of Germany, David Sebastian Heck, better known as Modeplex makes his way to Bengaluru. His melodic techno is inspired by his life and aims to have a deep sense of character and soul and convey genuine feelings. In Bengaluru he will play at the Submerge Showcase with pioneers Tuhin Mehta and Nikhil Chinapa at Sarjapur Social. We chat with the artiste:

We read you are from a musical family. What was that like?
My family is very musical and so I had some very early contact with instruments. When I was a teenager is was listening to a lot of hip-hop and breakbeat stuff. When I turned a little older I went on raves and parties and found my love for the electronic music scene.

What is the story behind your stage name? 
I just wanted something that is pronounceable internationally and easy to write. That's it. I guess that is a very disappointing and boring answer!

Who were the first techno artistes you were listening to?
My first contact with techno was a while ago. I started out listening to artistes such as Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Monika Kruse, Timo Maas and so on.

Why are you drawn to melodic techno?
I don't know why exactly I am drawn to the genre but it's activating and animating. I like that kind of music which gives you some extra energy. I think techno has become a kind of universal language on this planet. People all over the world listen to it and it connects them.

Tell us about your new music. 
I went through some hard times earlier this year. I guess you can see that on my titles a little. Most inspiring things to me are people and emotions. Sometimes you meet somebody who shows you something new. That's always interesting and it activates my mind. Sounds  strange but in that kind of mood, I feel inspired the most.

What are you expecting from India?
This is my second India tour so I already know that the crowd here is super awesome. My expectations are to have a great time, meet cool and interesting people and learn a lot about the wonderful culture.

What are you working on next?
I am currently working on a few collaborations. I realized that I want to work more closely with other artistes to get a better feeling about how other people produce. It's always a good thing to learn new production ways and techniques.

What is the techno scene like in Germany right now?
It's very big! But also very versatile. You have some super huge festivals but also a wonderful underground scene with very cool club nights or non-commercial festivals. The whole vibe about the music is very inspiring and connecting.

Red Bull presents Submerge Showcase. Rs 499. August 14, 8 pm. At Sarjapur Social