KAVYA’s new single, Quin, and the upcoming EP, are a personal ode to self-love

Anagha M Published :  28th August 2020 12:06 AM   |   Published :   |  28th August 2020 12:06 AM


Under the stage name KAVYA, 27-year-old Kavya Trehan explores unfiltered emotions and vulnerabilities. Her new song, titled Quin, is an expression of self-love and is a deeply personal number. “The song conveys emotions that are better sung than spoken about. In a way, it is a message of hope,” she tells us. Kavya is also working on an EP, Know Me Better, that furthers this message of nurturing and caring for yourself.

The artiste’s first performance was at the young age of 14. It’s been a journey of change and growth from then until now. “My music has evolved in diverse ways, from sticking to only one instrument (the guitar) and one genre (acoustic), I’ve now found myself intrigued by new sounds,” she tells us. She is also part of the Delhi-based avant-garde outfit Mosko, that explores groove-laden electronica. “I have now been exposed to many more artistes and soundscapes, developed my skills through keen mentorship, and used newer technology to experiment. And of course, I have grown up as a person and my music is a direct expression of it all,” she elucidates about the direction of her solo project. 

Go with the flow
In her latest single, Quin, (short for quintessential) she draws from a more R&B, electronic and indie-pop space. Speaking about the themes, Kavya says, “I strongly believe nurturing oneself is key to one’s growth. Singing this track was very cathartic for me because it was done in a single take, without any restrictions or interference in the free flow.”  Her raw vocals and soft percussion give life to the theme. 
The song is also accompanied by a video that’s shot with a team that came together globally. It is shot in Los Angeles, by an Egyptian director and produced in Jeddah. “As human beings, we all hail from different cultures and backgrounds, but there is a common synergy in our emotions. The music video represents a team from different countries coming together to showcase feelings of unconditional love, compassion, adoration and forgiveness for oneself. The intent lies in sharing universal expressions through music leaving no basis for differentiation,” Kavya says.

Pic: Pritiza Barua

Poetic licence
While the release date of Know Me Better is not decided yet, it will have four tracks that Kavya has also teased in performances earlier, but never consolidated. “The EP is really about knowing me, KAVYA as an artiste and as a person, and stepping into my shoes,” she says, adding, “I cannot wait to share our labour of love with the world.” These coming months would otherwise have been packed to the brim with festival performances but 2020 clearly had other plans. We ask Kavya if she misses live gigs. “Every single day. From early morning soundchecks, to meeting the technicians, I miss it all! I will try and see how to work around digital festivals, but at the moment, I’m not sure about how this year will go,” she signs off.

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