Singer Nikitaa’s latest single, Tum Aur Main, is about self-love

author_img F Khatoon Published :  16th December 2020 12:52 PM   |   Published :   |  16th December 2020 12:52 PM


Nikitaa who teamed up with singer and composer Ash King last month for her debut love song Universe dropped another track, Tum aur Main. This time she collaborates with lyricist Kunaal Vermaa for an intense song that is about loving yourself. She also shares the soundscape with singer Nikhil D’Souza. Hear it from the Mumbai-based singer, songwriter and composer. Excerpts:     

Is this your first collab with Kunaal Vermaa? How was it?

He’s an amazing co-writer. Very hands-on, open, and down to earth when it comes to the actual writing! He has the ability to bring such beautiful poetry into the lyrics while still communicating the emotions of the song. I learned a lot just by writing with him! 

What was the idea behind Tum aur Main?

Originally when I wrote Tum aur Main, it was a love letter to myself. I felt like I was finally showing up for myself in ways I hadn’t been before and so I wrote it from that space of inspiration and deep emotion... but I also wanted it to be a universal sentiment that you can dedicate to the people you truly and deeply love. I wanted the song to feel peaceful and soft like a giant hug! And I think it does that quite well.

How was it collaborating with Nikhil?

There’s one word for it - Smooth! I feel like Nikhil has this deep appreciation for melodies and independent writing and he fully immerses himself into the experience that the song is creating. We had to record our vocals separately from home, and when he sent his vocals over there was not even one thing that I wanted to change. He’s an inspiration. I feel grateful to have collaborated with someone so talented and so deeply dedicated to the craft.

What’s the music like?

Genre-wise, the music has definitely got some RnB leanings. Emotionally, the music in this song is soft; it’s lilting and it’s peaceful. It’s the feeling of being loved completely and fully. Before the song came out my family would insist on playing it when we went out for a drive, or even sometimes at home as we were having a quiet dinner after a long day. It’s the first song I ever composed the music for myself, which is surreal to me. I wanted it to make people feel loved, happy, peaceful and hopeful. And I think it does that. 

What’s next?

So much more music, and across languages! I’m excited about it all, and I can’t wait for the world to hear!