Sukriti-Prakriti’s latest single featuring Priyank Sharma and Raghav Juyal is foot-tapping

Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar are back with a new song Hum Tum   
Sukriti and Prakriti
Sukriti and Prakriti

The Kakar sisters are back with more pop and punk. And this time, sisters Prakriti and Sukriti have onboard actor Priyank Sharma and actor and choreographer Raghav Juyal who are grooving to VYRL Original’s Hum Tum. The magical mind behind the riffs and rhythms of the song is Lost Stories who has given the sister’s first Hindi single a Latino spin making it a hit dance number. The two fashionistas here talk about collaborating with Priyank and Raghav and ending the year with two more singles. Excerpts:   

Tell us about Hum Tum and getting onboard Priyank and Raghav?

This song has been with us for quite some time but we were waiting for the right time to put it out. We wrote the song during the lockdown and when everything seemed perfect, we decided to release it. We all needed a happy song and Hum Tum has that vibe. It’s our first Hindi single and getting Priyank and Raghav onboard has been the most amazing decision. They have taken the video to another level. We needed guys who were actors and dancers and they were the perfect choice for us. 

You four seemed to have lots of fun. Tell us more.

During the rehearsals, we were randomly paired and it felt like we had known each other forever. Raghav is so funny and we all had a great laugh on the sets.  It’s been a breeze to work with both of them. They are such fab dancers. To have that kind of talent with us was a learning experience. It has been the most positive shoot ever.

Lost Stories have done an incredible job with the music. Tell us about your collab with them.

Rishab of Lost stories is very talented. We had finalised a beat with him around a year back but we were not happy with the lyrics. Finally, MellowD gave the right lyrics to complete the song. We wanted to retain the international flavour of our songs and with the Latin and Spanish beats Lost Stories did a fab job.

What’s next?

We started the year with two singles and we want to end the year with two singles. So very soon you will hear us again. Also, many of our film projects will be releasing soon. Also, some amazing collab is on the way.   

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