Musician Rohan Shetty drops a new single, Faasla Mita, accompanied by a fun video

Paulami Sen Published :  13th July 2021 06:52 PM   |   Published :   |  13th July 2021 06:52 PM
Rohan Shetty  aka SHOR

Rohan Shetty aka SHOR

Indie musician Rohan Shetty who is better known by the name of his one-man musical project, SHOR, has a loyal listener base. It is because his electro-pop tunes stand out. He recently released a new single called Faasla Mita. “The video depicts a feeling of being stuck and a longing to escape,” says the singer, adding that it is out on YouTube. It has garnered over three lakh views within a few days of its release. 

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The song starts mellow, reminiscent of Rohan’s other tunes like Sifarish and Khoye Se. However, it gets groovier as it progresses. The up-tempo beat is where you know that he is trying to move away from his signature tunes. “I wanted to switch things up a little bit, and incorporate sounds of vintage horns, groove of the drums, and draw from some songs from the 80s,” says the Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter.

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Rohan wrote the song a while ago, but the making of the video took time. “Initially, the idea of the lyrics came from a passing phase of love — a hypothetical romantic relationship that lasts for a short time,” he says. By the time the video was created, it took on other layers of meaning. 

Rohan always concentrates on creating a rather unique visual experience, which is an important part of who he is as an artiste. And Faasla Mita is no different. The video, directed and edited by Sanjna Krishnan, gives the viewers a glimpse of clear blue skies in contrast to the scenes shot indoors. It makes the longing for stepping out seem more pronounced.“We tried to use the space around our house as creatively as we could,” says Rohan, who wrote the lyrics and composed the tune as well. 

The song is out on all major streaming platforms and the video is  out on YouTube.
— Paulami Sen  @Paulami309