Composer Ishanu Chakraborty collaborates with singer Jayati Chakraborty for a rain song

Tomari Karone is about the co-relationship and co-existence of nature and love

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Jayati Chakraborty

Drawing inspiration from a few lines on social media, Ishanu Chakraborty composed a song laced in nostalgia. His sophomore project with ace singer Jayati Chakraborty, Tomari Karone, is about the co-relationship and co-existence of nature and love. Here, Ishanu takes us through the song that will linger for long and be your companion this Monsoon. Excerpts:

What led to the song?

Lyricist Debasree wrote the first four lines of this song on Facebook. That led to the entire endeavour. The co-relationship and co-existence of nature and love is the main theme of this song.

Tell us about Tomari Karone and its music.

It's my second project with Jayati di. I had a wonderful experience while working as a music arranger previously with her. Didi always stands by new artistes. We started working on this song in January 2020 but everything came to a halt because of the lockdown. After the situation improved, I presented the song to her and she happily and willingly came on board. Not only did she sing the new composition, but she also stood by us during the entire making of the song. The music was arranged by Snehendu Chatterjee and Anupam Dutta and the audio was recorded by Arka Sarkar (Opera Studio) and the mixing - mastering was done by Goutam Basu of Studio Vibrations.

How difficult is it to release a song independently now?

Contemporary new Bengali songs have faced a major setback now. Physical formats of CDs and cassettes are now a matter of the past. FM channels also have stopped focusing on non-filmy Bangla songs and those who are still trying to make new songs, for the digital distribution and YouTube are their only platforms. The merit of the song is now measured by the number of views and subscribers and it bothers independent artistes to a large extent. Hence, even in this dire situation, the birth of a new song is a reason enough to be happy.

What’s next?

There are a few new Bengali and Hindi songs that are going to come up on the channel KOCK the KNACK. Also, we are planning some projects with poetry and various elocutionist soon.

Listen: তোমারই কারণে । Tomari Karone | Jayati Chakraborty | Bengali Modern Song| বাংলা আধুনিক গান । - YouTube