This 10-year-old singer from Bengaluru is releasing her new single in collaboration with Grammy nominee, Shontelle Layne

The young star rose to fame with a cover of American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys’ Fallin back in August

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Megan Rakesh

Megan Rakesh

Megan Rakesh, the little Bengaluru-based pop sensation has had a flurry of a month with the formation of her band, the release of her first single, and Grammy-nominated artiste Shontelle Layne, one of her role models and inspirations, announcing a remix of her single. All these just days before her 10th birthday.

The young star rose to fame with a cover of American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys’ Fallin back in August, doubling her fanbase since then with over 50,000 followers on Instagram. Now, the singer has accomplished her goal of releasing her very own single before her 10th birthday with Find My Way, alongside her band, Meg and The Miracles. Produced by Jaicko Lawrence, a singer-songwriter, Aaron Sarkar, a rapper and songwriter, and Oluwayomi, a musician, the single was recorded and mixed in a month and released on the band’s YouTube channel on October 13. The music video was produced by Josh Starks of Beardzly Productions.

The song is based on Megan’s diary entries where she takes to voicing out her thoughts and writing the beginnings of ideas for songs. On the inspiration for the song, her father, Rakesh VG, founder of the band Out Of Office and guitarist for Meg and The Miracles, says, “She keeps writing these songs and this particular one I found in her diary about how to overcome your hurdles in life and keeping yourself motivated no matter what happens.”

Shortly after, on a video call celebrating the young star’s birthday, Layne announced that she would be remixing the song, going all out with production and release. “It’s a dream come true, a pure blessing the way things are happening,” says Rakesh.

Though Megan has a hectic schedule for a 10-year-old, sometimes even waking up at 1 am to showcase her talent on Instagram lives in the UK, the singer seems more passionate about singing than ever. “She loves to sing, while she does around ten Instagram lives where she sings songs, the other times she’s having fun like a regular kid, watching cartoons, talking to her friends and chilling, even when she’s not singing, I hear her humming around the house.”

The youngster has plans to release another single and maybe even an album in the next year. She’s currently lined up with interviews and will perform a concert on October 31, at the Sunday Soul Santhe at the Jayamahal Palace. Check out her latest single on YouTube at Meg and The Miracles.