Bengaluru-based duo Ranj and Clifr make their debut performance in Chennai, this weekend

Ranjini Ramadoss and Chlipher Christopher met in college through their band Kelvikkuri, now they perform as duo Ranj & Clifr

Romal Laisram Published :  21st July 2022 11:49 PM   |   Published :   |  21st July 2022 11:49 PM
Ranj & Clifr

Ranj & Clifr

The first time we chanced upon this duo, Ranj & Clifr, they were part of an eight-member band, Kelvikkuri, which was a rage at college fests across South India. They met in the band while they were at college in Bengaluru and post their college band days, they teamed up a year ago for a performance in Mumbai; and the rest is history. The duo visits the city for the first time this weekend and we catch up with them to find out more.

One of the most popular names with Gen Z music enthusiasts in the country, Ranjini Ramadoss (24) and Chlipher Christopher (23), came together to create music in a mix of musical styles and genres including hip-hop, R&B, pop, soul and rap. “We’re trying to create our own unique sounds and while we do experiment with a lot of genres, we tend to focus on rap quite a bit. We’re also experimenting with Tamil rap, we haven’t released any music with it yet, but it’s in the offing,” begins Chlipher who is from Bengaluru and is also a music producer and a multi-instrumentalist.

The duo has released three singles since last year — Mutual, Uno and Conversation and also have an EP called 593 Vol 1, all released online. They also have a few more singles that will be released soon. “We hope to perform all our released music and some unreleased music too at the upcoming gig and this performance means quite a lot to me, as I am originally from Chennai. I’ve invited everyone I know and I can’t wait for them to see what I’ve done with my music,” adds Ranjini who raps but is also trained in Carnatic music and Opera.

This performance at Mount Road SOCIAL will mark the last leg of Ranj & Clifr’s Conversation Tour and the venue is proud to continue to present indie artistes to the city’s audience — that is always eager to discover new music.

INR 399. July 24. 7 pm. At Express Avenue, Royapettah.