We catch up with SteppinOut Music Festival's headlining artiste Steve Aoki 

Everytime I’ve come here, I always make sure to have biryani... it’s my favourite dish, reveals Steve Aoki

Srushti Kulkarni Published :  25th November 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th November 2022 12:00 AM

Steve Aoki

Well-known for songs like Turbulence, Back to Earth and No Beef, American DJ Steven Hiroyuki Aoki is a two-time Grammy nominee and the winner of a DJ Award. The record producer who began with punk and hardcore, now plays EDM, electro house and Dutch house. The musician has collaborated with famous bands and musicians such as BTS, LMFAO, Linkin Park, Backstreet Boys and The Weeknd and has performed at several music festivals like Tomorrowland. He will headlining the SteppinOut Music Festival and we catch up with him to know more about what to expect.

You are returning to India after eight years. How excited are you to perform in front of your Indian fans?

I have to say, the crowd here is absolutely electric. The raw energy that they exude is incomparable! The first time I performed here I was blown off my feet by the response I received from fans. Bengaluru is renowned for its music and I am delighted to be back here again.

Besides your performance at SteppinOut Music Festival, what are you looking forward to from your visit to India?

Food! I absolutely love Indian cuisine and I could eat it all day. Everytime I’ve come here, I always make sure to have biryani... it’s my favourite dish.

Give us a sneak-peek into your setlist.

I always try to keep it fresh at my shows, but at the same time play a couple of tracks that are crowd favourites. Come down to the set and find out!

How challenging is it been to adapt to the changing trends of dance music?

I am always working on something and trying out new sounds so I’d say it’s more of an experience and not really a challenge. I try to blend new trends into my work.

What are the trends in EDM right now?

Because of the popularity of Instagram reels and TikTok, I think the tracks that go viral on these platforms become a trend. 

You have collaborated with various artistes such as BTS, Gordo, Afrojack and more. Which has been the most interesting collaboration till date? 

All my collaborations have been great so far and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone. To pick one would be unfair, but I think the BTS collaboration was special to me. I am a huge BTS fan and I have been listening to them since their early days. They are very passionate about the music they put out and it was  fun working with them!

Besides being a DJ you are also a businessman running your own record label, events company, and lifestyle brand. Is there anything else you wish to add to this list?

I’m a proud humanitarian and I am always looking to give back to  society.

What are some of your upcoming events/projects?

There is a lot lined up but you guys will have to wait and see!

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