Young hiphop artist Yashraj's new song Doob Raha is a deeply personal composition

It is a single from his latest EP Takiya Kalaam

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  17th October 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  17th October 2022 12:00 AM

Hiphop artist Yashraj

As a hip-hop artist  Yashraj's process and thoughts and core values have always been reflected in his work and his latest EP Takiya Kalaam is no exception. As the EP progresses, with each track the listener grows along with the artist and dives deep into his intimate world and the new song Doob Raha is just that. We speak about the same with the artist.

Tell us about the song Doob Raha? 

Doob Raha has to be one of the most braggadocious tracks on the entire EP - not bragging in terms of material possessions, but I think it's basically about how real I want to keep my music and what I’m saying, and how differently I want to approach a lot of things instead of just following the trends. I want to stand my ground in terms of my sound and really learn and adapt without doing anything for the sake of it.

How much has the indie hip-hop rap scene evolved here?

I think the hip-hop community is growing significantly. I think a new rapper is emerging every day. Plus, with a lot of exposure from mainstream television, with a lot of shows being organised and other likely factors, hip-hop is definitely on the rise.

Hiphop artist Yashraj
Hiphop artist Yashraj

Tell us what are the other songs from your EP?

Takiya Kalaam has to be one of the most personal projects that I’ve ever put out. I believe it’s a continuation of the story from my last EP called Azaad Hu Mein in which the last track was called Kaise Badlenge?

The tracklist for my new EP in order is Toh Kya Badla?, ‘Naadaani, Matlabi (Interlude), ‘Musafir, Mere Log, Doob Raha, Aatma (Interlude) and Aatma. I feel like this EP reflects the core values of my journey in the past two years, my people and just the ideologies that I stand for. It’s like a tiny glimpse of my life in this project. Not all of them were made and written in one go and I can witness how the ideologies and the meanings of the lines have changed as time has passed by.

Hiphop artist Yashraj
Hiphop artist Yashraj

Have you ever considered singing for Bollywood?

I have always been a fan of legends like A.R. Rahman. I've been raised to music by Kishore Kumar. I'm such a huge fan of Amit Trivedi and many other phenomenal music directors, producers and composers and I don't think I'll ever shy away from that.

What's the concert scene in India?

I think I'm very recent to the entire concerts and touring scene, but I'm absolutely in love with it. It is an amazing opportunity to interact with your fans and the people that are listening to your music, away from all the numbers and the digits, which just makes it so special.

Your upcoming projects?

For now, I think there are a few singles and then there might be another EP in the works, I'm super excited about the singles that are yet to come.