Meghna Dundi on Hyderabad's unrestrained love for emerging vocalists 

City-based singer  Meghna Dundi says that the crowd in Hyderabad is more focused on art and music

Chokita Paul Published :  21st October 2022 12:16 AM   |   Published :   |  21st October 2022 12:16 AM
Meghna Dundi

Meghna Dundi

As more and more artists display their talent, Hyderabadis have more opportunities to enjoy a range of music, dance, and theatre. The more people who participate in these events, the more people appreciate them. The crowd is enthusiastic and loves to sing along with them. Meghna Dundi, a professional singer who works out of Hyderabad, has a variety of setups that may be customised to fit the occasion, which includes performing acoustically, karaoke, or sharing a stage with a  band, including percussionists and guitarists. 

Several places, including Hard Rock Café, have hosted her events. This evening, Meghna, who is known for genres like pop and modern rock, will take the stage at Hard Rock Café. We ask her about how people are more engrossed in music as the lockdown had halted all the offline gigs for a while. People have been waiting, according to Meghna, to resume attending live events. Since so many people have flocked to venues during the past few years, it is impossible to replicate that feeling of being present in the moment digitally.

“That feeling of living in the moment is something that cannot be replaced virtually and after seeing the vast number of people flocking to venues over the past couple of years, I’m sure this will continue into the years to come,” she says. She also points out that live gigs are more interesting than virtual ones. She believes that the audiences have a more personal connection with the artists when they are on the stage. Since every artist thrives on this kind of energy, the entire performance becomes more engaging. “Every song has an emotion that is driving a story. Whenever I sing any song, I focus on delivering that emotion as sincerely as I can and usually the audience responds very well to that,” she adds. 

On October 21. 
At HITEC City.


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