Indulge gets a sneak peek into Cirque du Soleil’s new show, Bazzar, in Mumbai

Cirque du Soleil isn't’ called “the greatest show on Earth” for nothing

Anagha M Published :  13th November 2018 05:45 PM   |   Published :   |  13th November 2018 05:45 PM

Bazzar by Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil isn't’ called “the greatest show on Earth” for nothing. With live music, acrobats, dancers and a host of acts, the show is a sight to behold. The Canadian theatrical circus company makes its India debut with a new show titled Bazzar in association with BookMyShow in Mumbai. While the show will premiere later this week, Indulge got a behind the scenes tour and a sneak peek into the show.

Bazzar is the story of a maestro and a troupe of eclectic artistes who live inside this performance lab and create a show together,” says director and writer Susan Gaudreau, adding, “It pays tribute to the origins of Cirque du Soleil in that it taps into the essence of what makes our shows so unique — the incredible original live music, high level acrobatics, artistry and staging, costumes and makeup!”

We visited the venue of the show at Bandra Kurla Complex on in the afternoon and were taken into the artist’s village. We could feel the frenzied energy as the artistes work out, rehearse, try on their costumes and makeup before the show. Next we made our way into the “big top” which the the main tent for the show. The 62 feet high dome is rigged with lights, sound equipment and the props for the acrobats and can seat 1,500 people in it. Two acrobats jumped up and down on the teeterboard (a Korean plank that resembles a playground seesaw) as we watched in awe.

A Cirque artiste gets ready for the show
An acrobat practising behind the scenes


A performer backstage

Flying high

The same evening we got to witness the show Bazzar live. The bright neon costumes in a riot of colours will leave you spellbound. And the feats of the acrobats will have you equal parts enthralled and shocked.

The two-hour show follows the circus maestro and his group of streets artistes. The stunts include cyclists, trapeze artistes, corde lisse performer, fire acrobats, hula hoop dancers, roller bladers, aerial dancers, tightrope walkers and more. As a tribute to and inspired from India, the show features duo mallakhamb act as well. Two gymnasts climb up a pole and perform various aerial yoga poses. And just when you think the show will only inspire awe, the physical comedy in the show makes you laugh out loud. The performances by the artistes, especially the circus master really stand out.

Although we have all seen street performers and circus artistes in India do trapeze and tightrope acts, the showmanship and sheer skill of the Cirque troupe take the show a notch higher. The finale, the last 20 minutes of Bazzar, is a display of all the artistes on stage together as the crescendo builds.

The trapeze artistes from the show
The roller skating duo
A scene from the finale of Bazzar


The Cirque team says they are excited to open and launch Bazzar in India before heading to more countries afterwards. Watching a Cirque show live is really a unique experience and not to be missed.

Rs.1,250 upwards. November 15 to December 9, at MMRDA Grounds Mumbai. December 25 to January 6, at Aerocity, New Delhi.

Pics: Marie-Andrée Lemire