Enjoy a Kaavad Katha show at home with The Kaavad Project’s online performance

The production is by Bengaluru-based Still Space Theatre

author_img Rashmi R Published :  09th April 2020 04:22 PM   |   Published :   |  09th April 2020 04:22 PM

Bengaluru-based Still Space Theatre will host an online performance of Kaavad Katha: Maya by The Kaavad Project. Written and performed by Akhshay Gandhi, this is a contemporary form of the ancient kaavad katha tradition that has its origins in Rajasthan. It is a 400-year-old form of storytelling covering tales about history, mythology and family. The kaavad, a portable wooden box with numerous illustrated panels that the storyteller can pull out to visually support his narrative, forms the crux of this tradition. 

The performance, Maya, is a contemporary revival of the ancient art form, which sees a mix of traditional elements and modern ideas. The story follows protagonists Ram and Rahim who are intent on stopping king Mahabali from destroying the world. The show has multiple tales woven into the narrative and each tale explores the idea of 'Maya' and how it drives and triggers every aspect of the tales and metaphorically, our lives. The piece, which is written mostly in Hindi, also explores questions of duality, passion, love, bravery, moral dilemmas and companionship.

Akhshay, also the founder and artistic director of Still Space Theatre, has tweaked the format to appeal to people of all age groups and various backgrounds. In the ‘Proscenium’ version of the performance, the stage is occupied by a performer and 16 paintings on moveable frames. This is accompanied with original sound tracks played live besides a lot of movement and poetry, which offer viewers a theatrical interpretation of Kaavad. In the ‘Intimate’ version, they present a more traditional setup with a solo performer / storyteller and a kaavad box featuring paintings of the composition. 

Rs.225. April 11, 7.30 pm. Details: stillspacetheatre.wordpress.com