Nora Fatehi responds to Beyonce plagiarism claims after Pachtaoge gets slammed

Nora Fatehi finally responds to the Beyonce plagiarism claims

author_img U.Roy Published :  17th August 2020 02:11 PM   |   Published :   |  17th August 2020 02:11 PM

Nora says the choreography and storyline of Pachtaoge is original

Nora Fatehi's music video for Pachtaoge 2.0 was recently in hot waters after Diet Sabya called the actor out for copying the look and the set-up of the music video for Beyonce's 2014 track Mine. The iconic Beyonce single was a collaboration with Drake, and the music video featured Beyonce dressed as Mary, as an homage to the  Michelangelo's sculpture Pietà. Nora's music video also stars Nora in very similar monochromatic costume, and even the back-up dancers and background are almost exactly the same as Beyonce's video.

Beyonce in the music video for Mine

After Diet Sabya called out the similarities, Nora has weighed in on the claims to clarify her stance. “As we started working, we looked at different visuals, costumes and iconic looks of pop stars from my favourite tracks that would illustrate our concept perfectly," she revealed recently in an interview.  Nora admitted that the video for Mine was used as a reference for Pachtaoge, however, it acted as an inspiration only. She also revealed that the choreography and the storyline for Pachtaoge were very original.

“I am inspired by Beyonce, among other stars. Mine was one of the many reference points, in terms of dancers, set-up and mood. However, the outfit was inspired by Mother Mary, not her. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new track WAP has the same concept as Beyonce’s Haunted. That doesn’t mean it was copied; it just implies that the zone and messaging are similar. I am happy if people feel Mine and Pachtaoge have a similar vibe. I always take inspiration from my idols and pay homage to them through my work. Here, the choreography is original as are the cinematography and the emotional storyline,” Nora remarked.