Sona Mohapatra slams Zoya Akhtar's take on nepotism

Mohapatra calls out Zoya Akhtar's privilege on Twitter

author_img U.Roy Published :  27th July 2020 01:28 PM   |   Published :   |  27th July 2020 01:28 PM

Sona Mohapatra has spoken up against Zoya Akhtar's remarks

It's been a tough month for Bollywood as well as an educational one, as more and more famous names have come forward documenting the injustices or bullying they have experienced in the industry over the years. Singer and composer Sona Mohapatra has been vocal on Twitter and has takenss a stance on several such issues and the artiste recently called out Zoya Akhtar's take on nepotism and what it means to her. 

Mohapatra just called out Zoya Akhtar's privilege

During a recent interview Zoya opened up about being a part of a famous Bollywood family and how she reacts to criticism. "It is not about inside-outsider, it is basically that people are angry about haves and have-nots in the country. This is playing out in the industry because this is a soft target. It’s not about making movies on getting a break, you want to be a star, you want to be invited to that party, and nobody can help you with that. And all I want to say is, no matter what anybody says I am not going to change my parents or my career, so now live with it,” she had said.

Mohapatra called out Akhtar's words and called her out for being condescending and smug as she didn't acknowledge the element of privilege that had been a part of her professional trajectory. "Your privilege need not be ur guilt but it need not make you so glib,condescending & smug.Of course u cannot ‘change’ ur parents.But what u can do is recognise the fortune,opportunities u were born into.Use ur privilege to bring fairness & balance?No. “Will not share MY cake.” Mohapatra tweeted.