Casting director Asad Sheikh plans to direct films

author_img F Khatoon Published :  13th April 2021 05:51 PM   |   Published :   |  13th April 2021 05:51 PM

Asad Sheikh

Asad Sheikh is known for casting actors in shows like Meri Durga for Starplus, Hero-Gayab Mode On
for Sony Sab TV, Param Avtar Krishna for &TV among many others. He talks about his journey so far, working on the new medium and more. Excerpts:

How has your journey been so far? 

It’s been fantastic so far. I have cast for so many big channels and on various genre every time. I must say every project came to me with new challenges which I successfully completed and gained so many experiences.

How did casting happen to you?

 After my MBA, I did few jobs and then also started my own business but one day I suddenly came to Mumbai and got introduced to the casting field. When I got to know about it I started from zero but I gave my 100%. It surely was destined and I am very proud to be here.

Earlier you were into television casting and now you cast for the web platform. Any reason behind the shift?

Yes, I was and I still do casting for TV shows. It's just now the era is changing and the demand for digital content is at its peak. So my work is to understand the story, character and its arc and deliver the best face as per demand. As I believe in exploring so I thought of giving it a trial and it's going great.

How web and television casting is different?
Basically, the working style is the same in TV, web and films. It's just TV shows are for a long period of time and the web is for a short period of time. So few actors prefer the web over TVs.  But as a casting director, I have to share options according to the story and character demand only.

What is your casting process like?

Firstly, I read the story of every project so that I can understand what exactly the show demands. Like Show based on which Region, the character's importance and then Proper filtration according to the Production house Budget. After that, the procedure starts which includes calling the actor and giving them a proper brief and call them for a Performance Test.  Then comes the process of recording their video. After selection, a proper workshop is being provided to the actors with Director before shooting.

These days, production is going for fresh faces. What do you want to say about this?

Now in the current time, anybody who has talent will definitely get the proper work. Because earlier it was difficult for the newcomers. But nowadays in mostly all the new series & TV show, we are seeing new faces and they are doing absolutely amazing work and they are getting the chance to prove themselves.
For eg- If anyone wants to play in the Indian Cricket team, earlier it was difficult or like a dream. But nowadays most players are coming through our world best league IPL. The same thing also implements in the entertainment industry now.

Are you also planning to try your hands in producing or directing a project?

 Yes, of course. Now I have enough experience in this Industry and if things go right, I will surely produce or direct something good.

What are your upcoming projects?
I am in talks for 2-3 new web projects for the platforms like Hotstar & Zee5. Many new TV shows are also coming in this year.