Filmmaker Samar Khan prefers stories with strong characters and emotional connect

Any show which has strong characters has always been in demand

author_img F Khatoon Published :  15th March 2021 06:49 PM   |   Published :   |  15th March 2021 06:49 PM

Samar Khan

An industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, filmmaker and the COO of Juggernaut Productions, Samar Khan has worked on several OTT projects across platforms including the popular web-series The Test Case starring Nimrat Kaur. His other project includes Regiment Diaries on EPIC Channel, Illegal, Verdict, Code M, Avrodh and the latest one being The Married Woman which is streaming on ALTBalaji. In a short but crisp interview the Shaurya director talks about the psyche behind picking up a script for screen adaptation and censorship of OTT platforms. Excerpts:

Your projects whether it’s Test Case or now Married Women, gives out strong message. Has the demand for such content grown over the years?

Any show which has strong characters has always been in demand, whether it was films or TV or OTT. I don’t think creators pick up shows that carry a message or they try and give out a message; they pick up stories that have an emotional value and great characters. If the show ends up conveying a message or a theme than that’s a bonus.

How do you pick up your projects?

Any story that we feel has a connect with the world that we live in is a story. And we try and pick up those. Stories that have strong roots or that have a glimpse of the world around us are stories that appeal to me more; stories that have a potential for drama and for strong emotions is a big draw for me.

What are the other stories coming out of Juggernaut in 2021?

We are working on multiple shows at the moment and looking forward to many more stories coming out this year.

The scissors of censorship is now being extended to OTT platforms. What are your comments on that?

I think the government has been very fair in framing policies for OTT platforms and by giving them a chance to self regulate they have been very fair.