Mahesh Bhupathi pens an open letter to Bollywood about #MeToo

Says he and his wife Lara Dutta have been disturbed by the revelations, he urges the industry to take a stand

author_img Ayesha T Published :  19th October 2018 05:50 PM   |   Published :   |  19th October 2018 05:50 PM

Lara Dutta Bhupathi and Mahesh Bhupathi

Ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi has taken it upon himself to speak up for the #MeToo movement. The tennis champ tweeted a long statement about what he feels concerning the #MeToo movement.

In an open letter format, Mahesh has said that he and his wife Lara Dutta Bhupathi have been quite disturbed since women have been revealing stories about #MeToo. "While these Me Too revelations are upsetting my wife as much as they are me, maybe even more since she has seen a lot of this at close quarters and some of her friends are involved at both ends... (sic)," writes Mahesh.

He goes onto say that it's time the industry takes a stand and voices its support to the movement. "Last night a friend from the talent industry told me everyone is waiting for a month or so for matters to die down and then it will be business as usual. That's when I decided that I may not have any influence but I need to say something... (sic)."

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