Actress Shveta Salve slams trolls for calling her a ‘bad mom’ after she posted a picture of her smoking and drinking

Shveta said a day off for her definitely looks like her smoking and drinking and she is real, honest and basic like that and nobody should have a problem with it.

author_img N.J. Pinto Published :  29th October 2018 02:55 PM   |   Published :   |  29th October 2018 02:55 PM

Shveta Salve

Popular actress Shveta Salve recently posted a picture of herself smoking and drinking wine in Goa, and was trolled but she immediately got back and slammed them in a powerful post. The trolls called her a ‘bad mom’ and said she was setting a bad example for her daughter and while most actresses ignore the trolls, Shveta decided to take it up and in separate post addressed the trolls saying they have no right to tell her what she should be doing with her life. 

In the Instagram post which she posted on Sunday, Shveta said a day off for her definitely looks like her smoking and drinking and she is real, honest and basic like that and nobody should have a problem with it. Shveta went on to add that she is the mother that she is and does not propagate it as well as criticise anybody else for the way they are. The Hip Hip Hurray actress questioned people asking them if they see her wasting her time or being unemployed or even neglecting her child, which she obviously is not. The actress said she works multiple jobs and is an actor, dancer and entrepreneur and is happy living in two cities on most days. 

Shveta said while she may sound aggressive nobody has the right to question her abilities to be a bad example for her child. Even her parents smoked and drank and they easily managed to raise her brother and her quite well and they are happy for it and knew they couldn’t indulge in certain habits till they were old enough. The actress said people choose to follow her for who she is and they also have the option of unfollowing her and can very well go ahead with it.  


A Day off Looks something like this .. . Yes I Drink and Smoke ... I am real , honest and basic like that. It has to be of no reason that anyone ever judge me for the person I am or the Mommy I am .. I don’t propagate it and neither do I question anyone else who does , so I would respect the same back . Today I got a few random DM’s by totally random people about my actions , and I usually let such things go pass me but for some reason today I felt like addressing it . How does this make me a bad person or a bad mom ?? Do you see me wasting my Life ? Do you see me sitting unemployed n jobless ? Do you see me neglecting my child ? I work , I work multiple jobs , I’m an actor , dancer , an entrepreneur . I successfully live in two major cities of our glorious country . I have beautiful friends whom I love and I know who love me back for the person I am . Risking the fact that I might sound aggressive but don’t ever question my abilities of being a bad example to my child !! So tell me does an honest sex worker who sells her body to feed her family , to maybe get an education or to provide a life for her children is a Bad Person ? A Bad Mother ? A stigma to society ? Who are you and I to Judge ?? My parents taught me well and exposed me to the good and evil of everything . They smoked and drank too but they did a mighty fine job of raising my brother and I . As children we knew that this was not something we could practice until a certain age . And that too if we ever wanted to.. a choice that we were allowed to take as adults ... Today I share a drink with them , and celebrate the fact that they gave me a fabulous childhood n Life and I aspire to do the same with my Baby . . . I don’t pay for likes and followers , you choose to follow me for who I am . And hence what you see is me being me and you always have the option to unfollow me :) . Live and Let Live ✌