White House photographer Pete Souza to attend PEP Photo Summit 2019 in Hyderabad

PEP Photo Summit is set to take place in Hyderabad in the first week of May, 2019.

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Pete Souza

Pete Souza

Hyderabad: American photojournalist Pete Souza will be the key speaker at the upcoming PEP Photo Summit 2019, to be held in May in Hyderabad. Visiting India for the first time on this project, Pete, former Chief Official White House Photographer for US President’s Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, will be talking about the art and science of photography at the 4th edition of PEP.

Known to be one of the best photographers in the world, Pete Souza has unparalleled insights into the art and craft. He was also the director of the White House Photography Office and has served as an official White House photographer for President Ronald Reagan from June 1983 until 1989. Souza has also worked as a freelancer for National Geographic and Life magazines. After September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, he was amongst the first journalists to cover the war in Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul.

As the official White House photographer, Souza spent years photographing Obama, which gave him unique insight into both the gravity of the Presidential office and the responsibilities and burdens that come with it. He has been responsible for capturing some truly iconic photos of Obama including The Situation Room, Spider-Man’s Web, Obama at the Resolution Desk in the Oval Office, and another of him sharing an intimate moment with Michelle Obama after the Inaugural Ball.

PEP, started by popular wedding photographer Joseph Radhik, Joshua Karthik and Arjun Rajan as a convention to educate photographers about the art, has established itself as one of the most prestigious photography summits in the world today.

Pete will be addressing about 2500 photography professionals and enthusiasts. The three-day event, which celebrates photographers and educates enthusiasts from around the world, has seen massive reach and impact since its inception.  

This time around, PEP will have celebrities like Pete Souza, Lindsay Adler and Pooja Dhingra addressing 2500 photographers from 102 cities and nine countries.

PEP Photo Summit 2019 will organise three days of talks, classes, and workshops by a curated panel of educators and inspirations.